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  1. You need to check with your airline to be sure - whilst there are international regulations, some airlines hae extras on top. And definitely hold not hand
  2. I'm 'lucky' in that I've lived abroad and had that issue (the police stopping you and the panic of 'where's my ID?!') so I find it weird that we don't have it here, even weirder that I'm physically stopped from getting one whilst a Canadian friend who lived here had to have one! For anyone umming and ahhing over the logistics of getting to Frankfurt (not costs, just ease), I found it easier to get to the main station and onwards from there without a word of German than I find getting from A-B in the UK sometimes. And the most fun I've ever had at conventions has been in Germany, so go if you possibly can :)
  3. Are you sure about that? Sorry for the weird question. The UK lets me enter the country with my German ID card ("Personalausweis") fine. It does seem a little odd that Germany would refuse UK citizens to enter with a similar ID card. Don't forget that most UK citizens don't have ID cards QS - in fact, when I attempted to get one I was told that I couldn't as I was British and I had a passport Driving licences aren't machine readable as far as I know, so I'm reasonably sure you'd need a passport for Germany. I caertainly have every time, as the UK has never offered a viable alternative
  4. I might go now - provided I can find a decent Syriana pic to get signed :)
  5. The cheapest train tickets are put on sale 6 weeks before the date you want them for, so you still have 4 weeks until they are out.
  6. I love Peter Dinklage but no, not a 'show maker' as a lot of his work has been in more minor fandoms/genres. He's also appeared at quite a few cons, so I think this is semantics rather than facts (he's done panels, but possibly not signed). Still, I shall be there
  7. Yes, that would be the minimum. A programme incuding the shoots is better value once you start wanting more than a couple
  8. You have to upload the photo to photobucket or similar and then post the link. You've tried to post a link in your second post but it's to a whole page not one post, and I can't see any Anthony Head pictures there. What is the post number?
  9. It wasn't affiliated in the form it was going to happen. If what Jason has said hapens, the one next year will be affiliated; the lack of affiliation is what ultimately sees to have stopped this going ahead. In other words, old website, new plan
  10. There wasn't a convention code as such, it was the standard call the Park Inn and say you were going to the event, they'd charge you the agreed rate.
  11. Thanks all :) It's early planning for the Moonwalk next year, and the ridiculous outfit I have to wear!
  12. I'm suffering with flu so my brain power is limited - who would you say are the most iconic/recognisable characters when you think of the words 'female' and 'space' together? I can't get past the women of Star Trek or Star Wars
  13. http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showforum=270 That's the thread for 2013 with the details of the venue etc
  14. http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=77737 Discussed there, 4 or 5 threads down
  15. No, unless the other company are insisting on it Showmasters don't offer electronic versions of photoshoots
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