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  1. I wish it would return to London some day, it's far more difficult getting to Birmingham.
  2. Yeah, nevermind though. I'm sure there will be another opportunity somewhere in Europe.
  3. I see. Thanks for the info. In that event I think I'll cancel my hotel reservation and wait for another opportunity in the future (assuming there might be one).
  4. Here's to hoping that Patrick Stewart (Picard) is one of the 10, not knowing that is basically what's holding me off from buying tickets to the show for the moment.
  5. This is bad. I'm certainly glad I didn't buy tickets to the show and airline yet. Thank god my hotel reservation is cancellable with a refund . Fingers crossed on next week (is that the final week they can make announcements about new guests?).
  6. Are you sure about that? Sorry for the weird question. The UK lets me enter the country with my German ID card ("Personalausweis") fine. It does seem a little odd that Germany would refuse UK citizens to enter with a similar ID card. EDIT: This bugged me and I made some calls. If you have a machine readable national ID card you do not require a passport to travel to Germany if the traveler is a British citizen or a citizen of another EU country. But I must admit I am not really familiar with ID card requirements in the UK. I see, interesting. Although it's a few years old, I'm prett
  7. Sadly it's not ideal for those without a passport or those who are finding it difficult to get a passport. Those in the Schengen area (full, not just 'co-operating' such as UK) are fine though, as they don't need a passport to travel from one country to another. So, those without a passport from the UK can't attend. Fortunately I have a passport, but I know a few people who don't and have given up trying to get one due to the extensive waiting time for a response to their application form, only to find they need to supply more information/documentation. Ultimately it's up to the organisers
  8. The prices, from what I've seen as I rarely travel abroad anyway, aren't thrilling to get from London to Germany, including the cost to stay at a hotel and potential travel costs to and from the hotel (depending on distance). All in all a good amount of money already wasted before even spending any on the event itself. Also, is it my imagination or are the event's prices more expensive than DSTL? EDIT from QS: A gentle reminder: the forum rules do not allow us to talk about other events, hence certain filters are in place. And PMs are disabled. Replied Edit: How convenient .
  9. Pity it's not in the UK, so I won't be going (along with quite a number of tweets to DST saying they won't be going either). Hopefully one will return to the UK.
  10. Nice, I'm there about half way through the video.
  11. I imagine to let it drift into many pages beyond 1. I can't see anything wrong with your thread personally so I'm uncertain why this has happened either.
  12. He posed for a few photos?! Wow, I asked politely, even with a please, and the crew girl just interupted and rudely said 'no posed photo' without allowing him to say anything else beyond that. Mind you he seemed to be busy staring at his laptop so the 15~ second conversation ended after she interupted. How selective minded . But anyway, I'll avoid him at all opportunities next year if the show is back. I hope it is, but with improvements based on what people have been saying this year.
  13. Some guests are fine with photos and some aren't. If the guests have asked not to do photos then it's the crews job to say no to requests. I appreciate that, but it wasn't just that. It was the way she said it to me, and how John De Lancie was. Next time I see a guest busy on a laptop I won't bother paying for having an autograph or photo with them, he was the only guest using a laptop at the show all the time he was at the autograph table. I felt like I was disturbing him, as he didn't even close the lid for a moment, he just reached over quickly signed and then went back to the lapto
  14. Interesting review. I agree about John De Lancie, which I did mention why in my own review. He was focused on his Apple Mac, hardly spoke (queue was empty too) and on Sunday had an unfriendly and rude crew girl member assigned to him. Crew girl also interupted by rudely stating no posed photo. The other few guests I met were fine with a posed photo and talked to me for at least 2 minutes, laughing and joking :). I still need to upload the photo today, which I will be adding to my own review thread. If this event is running again next year then I might buy a silver or gold pass, if pricing is n
  15. I see, I guess you were lucky then. I'm probably going to sort out the photo upload for those curious to see what I'm on about tomorrow morning. Had a long day and a long journey so I'm a little tired.
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