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  1. Another good reason for writing your name on a note and giving it to the star is the problem of accents. Most of the time it is much easier to copy a name from a note than understand (and risk offending) a fan who you may not understand/clearly hear the name they are giving you. I was lucky enough to be the second person to see Nick on Friday and found him very pleasant. I was getting his auto for a friend and asked him if he would mind if I took his photo whilst he signed so I could prove to my friend I had seen him. He was perfectly happy for me to do so. I would love to see him agai
  2. Does anyone have the rough plan that was posted a while ago that details where the main guests would probably located? I've had a quick look through but can't find it. Or does anyone from SM have an up to sate one?
  3. Unfortunatly there will always be people who think this kind of thing doesn't apply to them, I hope there are not too many of them at the party and that you all have an excellent time. Any embarassing drunken photo's have to be posted to the forums after the party!!
  4. She's at another event in London a couple of weeks after C6 if you really want to see her.
  5. I'm sure they will have cast pics to sign as there are official ones already, but yeah, if you want to be sure, bring one with you.
  6. No, its posted on the official SG8 page - not the forums
  7. Made me laugh! Wouldn't that be an interesting thread....who on the formum has the best 'assets'!
  8. Also remember to have the flash turned off!
  9. Anyway....onto nicer things.....does anyone know if there are any Atlantis posters or anything on sale yet? I know there are crew photo's and such, but I've not seen any posters yet. I don't knwo if anyone will be selling any at the events.
  10. No Buff, we now have another con involved as well as the original one.
  11. Sorry Sindel, I'm getting peed of and I know I should not take it out on others. Also I know that the organisers have to work this out themselves but the con with Tori going said just last night that she wasn't doing any UK events before theirs. I'm sure you can understand, even if you don't care, why fans going to 2 different events other than this one are getting angry.
  12. Saying they don't know everything is a bit stupid in my opinion. The other event that Tori is booked at stated that there's was going to be her first UK appearence and that she was not going to be doing any other show. Until now we were under the impression that these 2 organisers had a good relationship but SM are just coming accross that they are just riding over all of the other cons in pathetic game of one uppance. I'll accept that i'm probably wrong but given that they are booking SGA guest the same weekend as another major SG con just pee's me off. We are all major fans hence the res
  13. I got a taxi last time as I was unsure where I was going - Not to badly priced.
  14. Can't really help with the first part i'm afraid - the guests I want to see should be quieter as they are not the most popular ones. As to the auto's you pay for the signature, not the item it is being signed on. You pay the fee and are entitled to a free photo (which you can have or not if you don't want it) but you still have to pay for each sig. Therefore if you want 2 sigs, no matter what they will be put on, you pay twice.
  15. If you can get hold of it one of my all time favorites is Urgo (season 3 or 4 i think). It's a good ep as it is not focused on any particular character and is, IMO one of the best of them.
  16. Thanks guys. The comments seemed a little unfair based on the posts I saw, but I had not seen the original one before they edited it. I can see why it stirred everyone up now.
  17. In my opinion SM are one of the best run events I've been to.
  18. Please feel free to correct me if i'm missing the point here. A few people on this forum have been making comments about a post on another forum suggesting that the other forum admin are either stirring things up or doing it to try to get people to their event. I can't see where this is all coming from. A group member on the other list asked their admin a question about Amanda attending the event based on a comment apparently made by MS at a US con. Admin replied that all actors were clear to attend the con as of the 1st of Sept and there was no conformed date for the begining of shooting
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