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  1. No definately not, I'm really looking forward to both the film and the final book coming out. Although I'm a little sad knowing that this could be the last Harry Potter Book. I say could because you just never know.
  2. And apparently there will be more at the weekend, stay safe :)
  3. vamps!


    you fetid scum-sucking coprophagic waste of a set of bodily organs? I can only assume that you've had your head shoved up your own fundament for so long that your view of the world is hopelessly obstructed by your own festering entrails, rendering you incapable of picking up anything but the most bland and simple of expressions. (There you are, a free tutorial in insults for you - who said we don't care here? ) ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now thats what I call insulting with style!!!!!
  4. vamps!


    I am sure it took him all night to think of that one word. Hahaha Kell you have a point there. David good on you for not deleting it, well just all laugh at his expense.
  5. vamps!


    Wow even at 6am I can come up with better than jerk.
  6. Well I applied for me and Jez so we shall see what happens, hmm I'm still a kid though so it still counts mwahahaha. Bet I don't even get a look in, I'm never that lucky lol
  7. vamps!

    Gordon Brown

    ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!! So true
  8. I left my address too which was zenya@hotmail.co.uk Look forward to the link for the website :)
  9. Happy Birthday Sarah, hope you had a good one :) Love V
  10. But 24th is just too far, can't we have them now cause this week is so s***e!
  11. GHERKIN!!!!!!!!!! Whats taking you so fecking long huh??????? Get a bloody move on will ya, how long does it take to download MSN?????? Loving ya innit xXx
  12. GHERKIN where for art thou??????????? God damn reply will you xxx
  13. OI OI ya tart, add me on msn, my new address is zenya@hotmail.co.uk You should be able to reach me on there. Love you xXx
  14. Great start to the announcements Mark, hope to see many more cool guests over the coming weeks and months. Love Vamps xxxx
  15. I don't remember seeing any of these people in lord of the rings hehehehehehe
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