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  1. Edited: Sorry but all form of trading is forbidden on the forum. Please try here http://www.showmasterssales.com/
  2. Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere (I didn't see it) or if this is the wrong section, but sadly read this story: http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-30707319
  3. Hi Just clicked on the link, first thing I looked at was the Star Wars poster. Absolutely shocking, is all I will say. I love the hobby of autographs and when living in London used to go to film premiers and shows and would sometimes mount up and sell signatures for extra money. Sadly all these big dealers with their worthless COAs and "signing" photos do so much damage to credible dealers out there and genuine collector/sellers like me (which I why I now only collect certain things and only after doing my research on the item). As always, buyer beware, and if it looks too good to be true, it almost certainly is! Just noticed this wonderful poster with "all signatures handsigned and guaranteed authentic" not only has the signatures of Ford, Fisher, Hamil, etc, but Jack Purvis, AlexMcCrindle, Alex Guiness and Peter Cushing - and all for $155! You would not find a Jack Purvis or Alex McCrindle alone for twice that kind of money, let alone most of the others. And yet someone out there will probably hand over their hard earned cash. Sad and destructive to the genuine collectors and sellers out there.
  4. Amazing news, now here is a plea from a Brit living in Australia! Would anyone be willing to get me Gene's signature on a white card but just signed in the centre in an area around 8cm x 3cm max? I know this sounds very fussy, but I collect Moonwalker autographs, but the ones I have so far are all on a small area (signed Polaroid bases, trading card, cheque, etc - costs me less and are genuine) this way I can mount them all to a similar specification. I can pay by sending a UK cheque, PayPal or bank transfer (obviously include postage and packing). I don't think I'd be able to be so specific if ordering through the official store (if it's available this way anyway) "Help me fellow collectors, you're my only hope!" thanks for your time, Chris
  5. Saw it today in 3D 48fps(?). It looked absolutely stunning and an amazing production. I always like seeing Martin Freeman on screen and Gollum was wonderful of course. HOwever, I too felt bored several times throughout (never did in the LOTR trilogy) and could have easily dozed off if it wasn't for the stunning visuals. I shall of course be seeing the next two movies but will buy coffee instead of water just in case!
  6. Looked like a great day and one I would have definately gone to - had I not moved to the bottom of the world a few years back! Would love to see some photos of the event, and also I can't see anywhere the names of the "secret" guests who were scheduled to appear.
  7. Yes, very sad to hear. Not only the director of my favourite, but also technically the best of the SW movies. Very glad I met him and have him sign my poster at a CM a few years back. The Force is with him - RIP
  8. Not something you hear very often Can you email me on terrahawk1@tiscali.co.uk ? , not sure if I know you. Yes, I went to two of these shows, and they had such a great small "convention" feel, and Michael Sheard was, as always, such a great host and gentleman. Shame they stopped them (even though now I'm in Oz I wouldn't be able to attend anyway!)
  9. IMDB doesn't mention his HItchhikers role. Does anyone know who or what he played? I'm assuming it's the original series. BTW - I'm desperately after a Mark WIng Davey signature, preferably on white card. Can anyone help? I missed out on his Collectormania appearance. cheers
  10. I know he's been ill for many years, and was running a B&B with his wife in Devon. He used to get involved in the Star Wars charity conventions in Devon, although I don't think there's been one of those for a few years now.
  11. That is fantastic as Blade Runner is my all time favourite movie. I have all the autos on white cards, but would love a better Sean Young one. Trouble is I now live in Oz, so if anyone can help me out I am sending out a plea!!! Please please please! Contact me if you are willing and able. Thanks :-)
  12. Hi I've been looking on the website but can't find any info on Tippi Hedren's appearance or pre-orders. Will there be the opportunity for pre-orders - or is there already but I'm being blind?! Cheers, Chris
  13. mmm.. if Brigitte did a signing I'd have to use all my money up to fly over from Oz to meet her! She is very reluctant to talk about and even acknowledge her "previous life" although has become more open to it recently in using it as an advantage of raising money and awareness for her wonderful animal charity. You could always write to her charity in Paris and offer a donation in return for a signed photo? Viva Brigitte!
  14. There was a show on the Continent last year where I got a Bounty Hunter photo (already signed by A.Harris) signed by Bulloch, Parsons and Munroe. It's a nice piece. I believe there's been some contention about Chris Parsons (like the Hal "Jawa" Walmsey saga) - but am guessing that's all cleared up now?
  15. I am pretty sure I went to a Star Wars event in Cheshunt and he was there signing. I didn't get his autograph as I already had it. I went to a couple of Cheshunt shows and it would have been between 1998 and 2000. I may be totally wrong, but it all seems to add up to me.
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