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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2020/staged New show with Tennant and Sheen coming soon.
  2. Exactly* * lightning and kite not included. Final results from reanimation may vary. De Agostini do not admit to any legal liabilities in the event of any rampaging.
  3. Thought you might be acquiring him one piece at a time like a macabre De Agostini kit
  4. You mean besides from all the auto's I got 2 days ago? I bought one of the Tardis wood pens if that helps.
  5. I don't think it was. Happy late birthday PCF
  6. I found some images I like on his list of other works https://www.andygotts.com/actors?pgid=k8hj9xk3-b914b23e-9517-4d69-903c-853b79ebfa16 https://www.andygotts.com/actors?pgid=k8hj9xk3-b942246b-fa7d-468e-b817-c9c72facf2a9 https://www.andygotts.com/actors?pgid=k8hj9xk3-d585e4ba-277a-4382-b782-46cda54d906b
  7. I already found it and sent it on to some Who fan friends but thank you The power of Search Google For Image! And that is a very nice and worthwhile pressie if I do say so.
  8. That is really nice, and really rare to get a full Jodie sig now I think so well done on that.
  9. They will remain in my wishlist for a bit I think, I don't need them yet and I really have spent far too much already
  10. I'm proud of you I am now more tempted by some Hannibal art I really don't need instead.
  11. It was more just a case of it appearing in my fbook feed and a lot of those ads you have to take with a pinch of salt. It's good to know that others know of them and have bought though, I admit I'm tempted to get one myself.
  12. It would be a nice item to have and either way they aren't hugely expensive. I had a look at their other items and they have some really nice pieces.
  13. Mark Ruffalo Rene Russo Don Cheadle Johnny Lee Miller Tilda Swinton
  14. He has very pixelated handwriting.
  15. Interesting item for the Who fans, this popped up in my facebook feed so it's not a company I know or follow (so can't speak to the truth of any of it) but the site says they found an old tardis last year that they were hoping to restore but it wasn't salvageable - their research indicates it's the original tardis prop from the Cushing films. As it's unsalvageable they have used the wood to make pens so you could own a piece of the original tardis https://www.historicgifts.co.uk/fs-tardis.php https://www.historicgifts.co.uk/des-tardis.php Obviously I have no idea if this is real or not and there's no way to know for sure as anyone can print a fancy COA
  16. This is a good article about it as well, though it's a few weeks old now, but it details an event in the US that's in that exact position and why they weren't (at the time) able to cancel. I know it's about another event and all but given the circumstances I think it's worth sharing https://www.themarysue.com/why-cons-are-waiting-for-a-legal-act-of-god-before-canceling/
  17. I know you aren't specifically watching early space flight films but you would probably like First Man as well.
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