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  1. My Norwegian conversations are going to be a little bit odd I think.
  2. Daddy? (and aptly, theme appropriate )
  3. It was a real smell indeed.
  4. Yeah it sounded similar in style to Skyfall I though. It's OK.
  5. Swedish word of the day: well, I can't actually post it here, but I'll just say the English translation is 'end station' and leave it there. You rude, rude Swedes.
  6. Norwegian word of the day: Fart Heh
  7. So, you all listened to the new theme song?
  8. Well I can safely say that you won't be kicking the heads off worm eating zombies whilst pole dancing
  9. Are you a character in anything Ben Browder has been associated with?
  10. Posting it here as it's time sensitive and there's nowhere else that's really suitable, Ecclestones at a US event and the pro orders team are taking orders - 8x10's only
  11. Ugh, I must have been looking at the wrong Robert thread
  12. Completely unrelated and a bit out of the blue. but can you remember what the DP gift for Robert Englund was last year Dalek?
  13. Well I'm not going to claim it was so funny I had to call for an ambulance to have emergency side repair surgery. But it did make me smile a lot and go 'heh' a few times.
  14. The Good Place S1. I was pleasantly surprised by the short episode lengths which at an average of 22 mins means you can go through the series quite quickly. It's very well written and enjoyable to watch and the end of the series has a very good twist that they handled really well. I'm looking forward to the next series.
  15. Unfortunately the usual reply is that if a guest is to attend multiple events they are usually announced at the same time. It doesn't mean they can't be added later though, it does happen. It sucks that you won't be able to get there, my trains are messed up as well apparently but it'll only add an hour on with a bus replacement service. Re the pre order service, hopefully they will go up so I'd suggest just keep checking.
  16. OK, that makes a bit more sense, otherwise it seemed you were being weird.
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