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  1. Thank you! I thought so but then the bit about the pink line in the original post confused me. Appreciate your assistance xx
  2. Just to double check it says the YALC entrance is the yellow line but then it says to collect the YALC extra help pass at the YALC entrance pink line - which one is correct? Do we need to go to the yellow or pink line for YALC extra help passes? Apologies if I am reading it wrong and have confused myself. Thanks :)
  3. Does Diamond pass include her talk? Because in the info under the diamond pass info it doesn't mention it but the info under the talk says Diamond pass holders don't need to buy a ticket. Thanks
  4. None of the maps on level 1 or 2 on Saturday had been amended to show that the organisers booth had been moved. We were sent all over the place for it in order to pick up the 'extra help' slip for my friend who struggles to stand for long. It was a little ridiculous. And when I asked a blue shirt the first one said 'I don't know I'm busy' and the next one I asked at the Sales Desk said 'I don't know it's my first day'. I understand that they can't know everything but I find it incredibly rude to be told 'I'm too busy' and as for the other one - fair enough you don't know but they could have at least asked someone else for us. In the end we asked a girl sat at a signing desk who was very helpful and said she had made a point of finding out where the main things were so she could be helpful.
  5. We had that too, we asked her where the organisers booth had been moved to as it wasn't where it was supposed to be on the map and got an 'I don't know I'm busy' before she hurried off. Very very rude. And again from one of the guys at the Sales Desk queue, we got an 'I don't know, this is my first day' and then wandered off, didn't offer to find someone else to help or anything. The red shirts have been wonderful, you can tell they are experienced and helpful. Fetching chairs for my friend who has a stick and has trouble standing or walking fast and making sure she was okay. Unlike the other attendees who nearly knocked her down repeatedly by pushing past and generally shoving. Not impressed by the layout or by having two floors only accessible by crowded lifts that you wait for for ages.
  6. Ah you are the Jupiter lady, I've seen you at a few places and wanted to tell you how awesome your dress is :)
  7. Posted already but on page 41 and no response so just popping this here again. On this schedule it has the Judy Blume talk is down as 3.45-4.30 but on the YALC website and their schedules it is 3.30 - 4.15. Can someone confirm what time it is?
  8. Season 1 Musketeer DVD by all the Musketeer guests and my photoshoot with Hayley Atwell. Then books by Cassandra Clare, Melinda Salisbury and Judy Blume.
  9. On this schedule it has the Judy Blume talk down as 3.45-4.30 but on the YALC website and their schedules it is 3.30 - 4.15. Can someone confirm what time it is?
  10. If no clashes when the schedule is released (And if there are tickets left) then I will def be going to this one x
  11. Honestly I'd rather take that risk than the risk of buying them and then losing money if I can't make the shoot.
  12. But does it mean that there is a chance the shop will still be open once the schedule is released?
  13. Yeah it's Hayley I'm more worried about. Will have a think. Thank you.
  14. Yeah I guess so I just know what the queue is like for photos on the day, if the schedule was released before the shop closed I am sure people would buy more photos. Musketeers and Hayley Atwell are the only ones I wanted.
  15. Okay. What is the likelihood that shoots will go past 5pm?
  16. Hey I really want to be organised and buy my photo ops before I get there on Saturday but my issue is I have to leave by 5pm. If I buy photo op tickets now and find out the photos are after 5pm when the timetable goes up am I able to get a refund or will I have just lost the money? Obviously waiting until the schedule is announced would be better but I believe the shop closes before that happens and the queue for photo ops on the day is really really long. Thanks
  17. Loved meeting Alex, she was a lovely person. Showmasters - any idea when the double photoshoot will be refunded? I ordered two so am waiting for £50 to be returned to me.
  18. Cancelled Sunday and only there on Saturday - duel shoot has been cancelled Ah I missed that. Thank you for the info!
  19. Am I being blind? I can only see Alexandra Dowling on the Saturday schedule but she's only due to appear on Sunday ( http://www.collectormania.com/miltonkeynes/index.php/9-lfcc-guests/london-guests-filmandtv/119-alexandra-dowling) andthe dual shoot with her and Ryan Gage is also missing on Sunday.
  20. I just went to purchase a YALC ticket for Saturday but they are sold out, is that right? So the only way to get into it would be to buy the weekend one? So instead of £20 I need to pay £46 even though I can only make it on the Saturday.
  21. Hello Does anybody know the website address of the lady who does the bags, teddys, purses, mousemats etc where you chose the picture to be printed onto it? I picked up a card in Milton Keynes but now can't find it Thanks Lis
  22. I know. Can't believe it as all others are there. I've got my parents searching the house but I don't hold out much hope since we've turned the house upside down already. Thank you though.
  23. I went to sort my tickets out yesterday and found Natalie and Dina missing, after speaking to my dad the only thing he can think of is that he accidentally threw them out. I emailed Showmasters and was informed basically it's my problem and they won't help me. So if you do have tickets delivered I'd say make sure you protect them with your life otherwise you'll have lost that money and have no pic to look forward to.
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