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  1. Hi when I booked my ticket back in March I chose Sunday as it was the best day for me to attend but unfortunately I can't make it on the Sunday now can I change my entry and photo ticket with will Wheaton to Saturday as its now the only day I can attend. Simon
  2. Jodie is lovely met her at another event where no one knew who she was but me being a Nash bridges fan was over the moon and virtually had her to myself all weekend. Unfortunately due time and budget constraints I never got to see her this weekend but hopefully she will be back.
  3. Lovely guy met him Sunday was expecting him to be a conveyor belt guest but had a brief chat and such a trooper as he hurt his ankle Sunday morning at the hotel.
  4. To me the photo shoot crowding problem was down to people who were waiting for photo shoot sessions up to half hour early and when asked to come back in 20mins they refused to leave. At one point the steward shouted "your probably going to ignore me but if your here for neve Campbell come back in 20mins" again no one moved. I think the stewards did a awesome job under immense pressure. Autos were worse for same reason
  5. Was meant to be getting her auto and had a photo booked for Sunday but by pure luck I had a break on Saturday and she was quite so went and got my auto. As I was leaving I said see you tomorrow at which point she told she wasn't there Sunday so I went down to sales desk to change my photo shoot to her afternoon sat shoot. The desk were unaware and I was told as they hadn't been informed she had cancelled they can't change it but as they knew me they'd let go through her sat shoot so was lucky.
  6. Hi does anybody know the name of the dealer who had the massive stall full of funko vinyl pops. Simon
  7. Another word id use was classy. When I went for my auto he was already a legend when I told him this and that i had seen nearly all his films and if a film has his name in the cast I would watch it he surprised me by telling me he'd been watching me all weekend and was amazed how I managed to get around being disabled and how I walked to every auto table and photo shoot. He asked me how I got around so I pointed to my wheelchair mum and dad were standing next to it he asked if they were my mum and dad I said yes he then waved he asked what my condition was and asked if there was anything they could do I said no he thought I was 23 I told him I'm 33 he didn't believe me and then told me I was the legend
  8. Hi hope she reads this but there was a women with an autistic son I'd seen around but on Sunday my mum shouted at him without realising he was autistic I tried to stop her but was too late he seemed very upset I tried to keep an eye for you to make sure he was ok and personally apologise. We were late to a photo shoot and they were holding the guest for me she thought he was just ignoring us I knew he wasn't and trying to find an alternative route. So I'd like apologise on behalf of my mother and myself and really hope he was ok I myself am autistic and at 33 have finally learnt to control it but know how he feels so again I'm sorry Simon Etheridge
  9. The budget was £400 I normally spend £500 I spent on autos and photos about £480 but had bought a few pre paid including Jenna's and stans photo sessions months ago so they come from different budget plus my Thor hammer was a birthday day present so came out of my birthday money.
  10. I normally have 10-15 autos and photos to do and normally just go Sunday as it's quieter as I get disabled priority it's possible but I knew it was going to be extra busy and I had a list of about 19 of each so decided to go all three days get my Stan lee auto out the way in the afternoon on Friday get as many autos as possible try and concentrate on photos most pre booked on sat so I could stay in photo area and not have to fight my way through the crowds as my wheelchair is huge and get the auto of guests like Jenna who's not there on Sunday unfortunately that went a bit wrong as it was too busy even at half nine in the morning to get the extra photos tickets I wanted for sat and some for Sunday I'd decided to get to avoid having to get them on Sunday morning in case I have same problem. I tried all morning between photo shoots but was impossible so Only real free moment to go get them was 11am when the mass crowd was let in so total nightmare but got there in the end. Got as much done as possible amongst the chaos as I knew I had Sunday to get the rest done. Sunday I bought both mum and dad incase it was same as sat. Plus I'd got stans photo to get which I was told by most staff who know that even though I could straight to the front because of I'm disabled I very rarely do because it's unfair on people who have been queuing not to do this with stans photo shoot and also make sure I go to his first shoot so I did. Got everything done plus got wear my deathstroke cosplay Sunday afternoon for last hour of show getting photo with summer and with Jeremy bulloch dressed as boba fett and a storm trooper plus some shots with dragons head. With careful planning and with getting most stuff pre paid like photos and early entry and ok being disabled helped but usually try and not use that most time I get told off by staff and the organiser him self So had 2 fun days Friday and Sunday and actually enjoyed Saturday despite the chaos around me and even some of the guests commented on Sunday that they been keeping an eye on me and don't how I survived Saturday and were genuinely worried including micheal madson who called me a legend and asked me about my condition and milo ventimigla who reckoned I was a real hero. So thank you showmasters for bringing such lovely guests over and giving me some precious moments.
  11. Lovely spoke about game of thrones briefly as her que was huge.
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