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  1. Mich

    Being Human S2

    I just LOVE this series...I'm so addicted.
  2. Mich

    Breaking Bad

    Anyone watching Breaking Bad? ( I searched here but couln't find it.) It's brilliant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=378pxuYxT_0
  3. Mich

    sons of anarchy

    My Hubby LOVES this, and even met Charlie Hunnman who plays Jax in London( as he's a Brit and was in Biker grove)....It made his day
  4. Mich

    True Blood - UK FX Channel Pace

    I am so addicted to this....and have two episodes left to watch of season two.
  5. Mich

    New 'Star Trek' - A fan's review

    Well I thoroughly enjoyed this film.
  6. Mich

    Michael Sheen!

    If Michael doesn't win an Oscar in his career, it will be a travisty. He's one of our most versatile actors I know.
  7. Mich

    Post your desktop/wallpaper image.

    This is mine at the mo ( one of my Ball-jointed dolls):
  8. Mich


    I agree with the Dwarf in Don't look now. There's a bit in Aliens when they're looking at them in the big storage jars and one moves.That made me jump first time round. When Nicole Kidman is looking at her little girl sitting on the floor in The Others and it's the old lady's voice but when she turns round it's the little girl, but you think it's going to be an old lady's face.
  9. Mich

    Films that you don't get.

    OMG,yes, agreeing with Nightwatch...promised a lot but never delivered! I don't get David Lynch films either ( especially Lost Highway, the only film I have ever slept through and when I woke up the film was at the same place where I fell asleep at). My Hubby loves them though.
  10. Mich


    Dissapointing actually. But I'll prolly watch it again.
  11. Mich


    I didn't see the first one, but saw it last night, and liked it...
  12. Mich

    SGA Cancelled, Universe greenlit

    Well I like Atlantis...
  13. Mich

    Prize certificates

    Mine arrived too. Many thanks!
  14. Mich

    LFCC 08 Cosplay

    Cheetara was my mate Kerrie! Not sure if she's going to Collectomania though. I won't be going unfortunately,but have fun!
  15. Mich

    LFCC 2008 Cosplay Photos

    Oh WOW! Fantastic photo's. Thanks SO much..