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  1. I saw the trailer before it got pulled by Warner Bros and it does rock. Alot more gory than previous DCAU stuff, but some really dramatic sequences. It just wreaks coolness. And I can't wait for the animated movie of DC New Frontier either. I Loved the Graphic Novels and you know that Bruce and the gang will do them justice.
  2. Just like Batman Legends, I'm loving Superman Legends. Can't wait for JLA Legends. So much to buy, so little money
  3. Wow, just amazingly awesome *does happy dance* thanks
  4. The guy dressed as Batman was Geordi from Brotherhood Of The Bat. I shall pass the message along.
  5. Thanks mate. I was The red hood and it's nice that someone got it. Staz Johnson got it first time and so did V, so to both of you, well done. Oh and V, if you're on here, can you make your presence known, cause you seemed really cool. As far as Brian Bolland art goes, I got his signature which is the next best thing.
  6. Staz Johnson rules. I've met him before, real nice guy and I think I can officially say that he has the best hair ever.
  7. Personally I'd have to agree with you and say that they should make a Green Lantern movie. Poor old Green Lantern seems to have had nothing other than JLU and that very, very poor tv pilot, so he deserves a break. Personally I'd want it to be Hal and I would like them to release a Jim Corrigan Spectre movie, so the 2 could merge.
  8. I know this is a strange question, but does a guy called Adam work there or at least in a comic shop close by?
  9. I'm very sorry mate. You'll find a girl soon.
  10. hey, I was Green Lantern. For those who don't know, I shall expand your mind. He's quite a large player in the world of DC Comics. He's frequently in Justice League and JLU. The Green Lantern Corps is a authority put in place by a race called Oans, they are basically a police force for the galaxy. There are many Green Lanterns and the one that is most coomonly seen on JLU is John Stewart. I went as Hal Jordan who was the most famous Green Lantern of the silver age, but then he died after going evil as a being known as Parallax. In the afterlife he became the spirit of God's redemption or The Spectre and recently he returned from the dead in Green Lantern Rebirth.
  11. I was The Terminator on Saturday and Green Lantern on Sunday.
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