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  1. looks like someone made it to io9 and other web sites : http://io9.com/5821921/a-portrait-of-a-you...d-his-companion too bad the LFCC mention got lost
  2. Scarlett Pomers Naomi in Star Trek Voyager
  3. yes but there is a new prequel show in production, so if it is successful...
  4. its not exactly the same thing than autograph. Its their job to draw, so most of the time when its a paid sketch you can ask for any character as long as the artist is ok with it. Its like a commision. But you better bring a picture of the character in case he isnt familliar with it !
  5. Im sure he will be back, the real question is if Megan Gallagher will be with him like last time !
  6. I like that, and we need some other Star Trek movies guests like Jacqueline Kim, Stephen Collins, Kirstie Alley, John Schuck, Charles Cooper, or Rosana DeSoto. Christopher Plummer would be awesome Ben Cross
  7. I remember they had a Sportmania section in 2007 at the event
  8. aka Spock half-bro : Sybok I think he cancelled twice Collectormania
  9. that is true for Dave, but he is now doin conventions again
  10. At present no. soph and sylv also :-( that would be great indeed, especially Buck Rogers since they travel from the USA. I know I would buy one
  11. same for me (and K9) but if you want to add Chapman or Clare Higgins now I would happily upgrade at the event
  12. interesting, especially the "production crew" part ! hope it works well and I can come in november
  13. Im also surprised at the time of Cary Tagawa photoshoot, since the tickets are sold at the show only. Even if you enter at 9am, theres usually a big queue at the organizer booth, add to that the fact that we need to go get the guests virtual tickets first. Im not really concerned cause Ill be there the friday so Ill have no problem getting one if I need, but lile I said Im surprised. Hes a great guest, hope everyone can manage to meet him !
  14. Veronica Cartwright at LFCC, now John Hurt at EMS, maybe Holm is not far behind ^^
  15. nice, Hellraiser group shot !! now if we could have one for Buck Rogers, the Fetts, and the Sheppards Lea+Lloyd would have been awesome too
  16. HERO FIENNES-TIFFIN and SADIE EDEN arent on the main page
  17. he has done conventions in the USA since the release of Star Trek, so hopefully we'll see him too ?
  18. you forgot to add her to the main site with the others
  19. does that means it didnt work out for Stan and Christopher Lee this time? They had a lot of the votes (and Lambert is a lot younger) (but I must admit, Lambert auto is probably rarer and it will be his first signing ever)
  20. I guess a limited photoshoot with him and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa is out of the question ? would be such a once in a lifetime opportunity for Mortal Kombat fans hope you will get the rest of the cast soon
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