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  1. Thanks for your input folks. I had a really horrendous experience at the Bill Paxton signing at LFCC a couple of years ago(nothing to do with the guest, it was all to do with the crew) and im very hesitant now on purchasing diamond passes. Ive calculated that its going to cost me an extra £240 just to guarantee signatures but to be perfectly honest, im struggling to find the value in this if im not guaranteed a personalisation. Im not asking for much, just my name eg "To Phil, Best Wishes etc" but with the bigger name guests not personalising, i think the extra amoint of the diamond pass is li
  2. Hi SM, I am looking atthe guest list this year and there a number of Diamond Pass guests that i am interested in purchasing he Diamond Packages for. However, my question before i purhase them is... Will Diamond Guests be offering personalisations to the Diamond Pass holders? I ask this as in most cases the cost of the diamond pass is an extra £40+ for each guests and for me personally, the value would not be there if the guest werent guaranteeing personalisations if requested. I know some attendendees prefer not to get a personalisation and i understand that, but for me, personalisat
  3. I see SM have removed my post, why? it didnt break any rules!
  4. I find your post highly condecending to say the least! What difference is it if someone has posted 10 posts or a thousound! Does that make them any less of a customer who attended the convention!!! I stand by several attendee posts on here that SM were indeed falsely advertising certain events that never happened over the weekend! Why should we, the customers and "Fans" of LFCC and more importantly, The Empire Strikes Back, feel "satisfied" with the very feeble replies we have received in voicing our frustrtaion and disappointment in this area. Oh and ptenbob, just for your information
  5. Bread aside, you can't make advertisements and back up threads and then ignore the public when they don't receive what you advertised. There was nothing "misleading" about this, SM failed to deliver on a number of items they had advertised. And whats worse is that some attendees put off attending other events based on your advert!
  6. Guests aside, what were the many things to see and do in relation to Empire Strikes Back? I can understand guests cancelling etc, but to advertise an event and build it up into something then to have no explanation other than "depends who's available" is worse than leading your customers on, its false advertising. If nothing else was planned then why continue with the hype and advertisement on your page?
  7. Seriously SM, you deleted a thread i created that had no foul or abusive language; just asking for comment and feedback regarding The Empire Strikes Back "event". Is asking for feedback or reasoning on posts and advertisements that YOU made really that worrying to you that you feel the need to delete a thread?
  8. Its been over a week since this event and there have been numerous replies to various aspects of LFCC but there has not yet been any reply from Jason or SM regarding the so-called Special 35th Celebratory Empire Strikes Back that was going to happen during the weekend, I and others have posted a number of comments on the "feedback" thread but have not had any relply. The original posting advert on the main LFCC page made several statements that just didnt happen. Even before the event took place i recall a post asking if this had been forgotten about, i dont seem to be able to find that po
  9. Was there a lot of hype? I wasn't expecting anything more than we got. It was just another Star Wars reunion, like the several previous. Yeah, its stated both on the main page and on the forum that Empire Stirkes Back was going to be a big thing this year with guests etc. Hence why i and some others who have posted on here feel let down and disappointed.
  10. Its been a week since the event and from reading the replies from Jason, this is what ive learned: 1/ Future events will have 40% extra space. Great...that means SM will sell more tickets and hopefully get more guests. Downside is WAY too many people to make it comfortable. 2/ Air Con -So "doors were open and that meant no flow of air". I noticed windows werent open, but you suggest wereaing shorts and t-shirts. Fair enough, i guess now that menas that cosplay is NOT recommended due to the heat in the building! 3/ More Diamond Guests - Brilliant, if you buy in advance you will ge
  11. Thanks for your feedback Jason and for your explanation. This year was the first year that i went for the Gold Pass. My feedback is as follows: Gold Pass Room: There was water available which was brilliant, but perhaps this shouldhave been chilled as drnking luke warm water is not the best. A couple of chill boxes would sort thisout for next time. Chairs and tables were great for taking time out to relax, but the chill out room needs to be open constantly and not closed during talks or other events. Best to have this moved to another area. Gold Pass VQ's: The one thing that makes the G
  12. HI Michelle, Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for all your kindness and help on the Saturday and the Sunday. As you know, i was more than a little upset by what had happend on the Saturday, but it was completely flipped around when i was able to get a personalised autograph on Sunday. You were totally amazing andi just wanted to say thanks as this is now one of my most prized possesions. Thank you, Phil (aka Dick Tracy cosplayer) Ps Thank you to Opel the Red Shirt pit oss on Sunday too, you were very kind, understanding and helpful aswell:)
  13. On Saturday Im wearing my Dick Tracy costume, really looking forward to it:)
  14. A real shame, i was looking forward to a Blue Thunder autograph from him, hope to meet some other time:)
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