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  1. I had the chance to meet him at MK, but I would be suprised/disapointed if he doesnt show up somewhere on stage with the rest of the cast for the 50th anniversary
  2. good luck, Im sure we'll see some interesting guests
  3. less disapointed theres no "Hellraiser 2" group photoshoot then, but would still be nice. Maybe bring back Doug Bradley or Robinson
  4. I don't know how these things work but there may be copyright issues of taking pics of him dressed as Jack. I'm not imagining the BBC would be very quick to give permission. Also not everyone will necessarily want a photo of him in his Captain Jack costume Its a Torchwood convention! really I cant see how people would be unhappy, but yes there might be copyright issues, I dont know. What I know is that I would buy one right away
  5. hopefully we will see some new or rare SW EPISODE 1 guests since the movie is being re-released in 3D people like Lewis Macleod (Sebulba) and his blue twileks, Don Bies, Greg Proops, the Naboo pilots and Padmé handmaidens, Margaret Towner, John Fensom (TC-14), Jedi Council members, Danny Wagner (Mawhonic), Michonne Bourriague, etc
  6. It would be fantastic if SM could convince him to do the shoot in costume, he seems like a nice guy with the fans and its a Torchwood event
  7. William Schallert hes 89 years old but might be worth a try?? he was in a lot of stuff, like Star Trek, Twilight Zone, Bionic Woman, Jumanji, and more recently True Blood
  8. UP! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVR320FouqE
  9. David Warner, nice ! what have you heard about a big anniversary event please? I hope UK will have one like they do with Star Trek or SW in the US !!!
  10. Leeanna Walsman would make a great replacement for us SW fans just sayin
  11. actually that last name is less impossible that the first one
  12. of course there are guests we will sadly never see in UK, but its the same for the US or any other part of the world. I think you are very lucky to have such a line up at every SM events, many US fans feel this way. I would even say the best events, guests wise, are here. but that doesnt mean we shouldnt ask for more. where the US are really way beyond the UK events, are for the comics guests, voice talents, and group photoshoots (but those are mainly US based). Hopefully it will get better ?
  13. argh again! but on the good side, when he will make it, it would be great if it was a mini Fett reunion with Logan & co
  14. hes friendly indeed, met him before but he told me he doesnt want to do conventions anymore cause he want to really focus himself on his acting work. But never say never ! I would have loved to see him at EMS now that his co-pilot Bronagh Gallagher is announced
  15. I would definitly order many Sean Connery, especially if theres a send-in option. And hes very cheap at that price Max Von Sydow is a must too
  16. I made my last order in time and will probably buy more at the event when we'll have the full shedule! still hoping for an Hellraiser group shot, and Toussaint-White + Kingston duo, please ?
  17. Ive seen recently she has been cast in season 4 of Merlin
  18. also, it would have been fantastic to see a photoshoot with Tennant/Kingston or even Tennant/Georgia, but wont happen cause he will be crazy busy enought! but I still have hope for a Kingston/Toussaint-White shoot. I mean, Alex is there 2 days this time, its really possible ! pleaaaaaaaase
  19. lets have some poster artists please, Drew, Roger Kastel, Tom Jung, Greg Hildebrandt, etc
  20. arf didnt see that thread before ordering tonight , so it will go in my next order nearer the event
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