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  1. Maryse Days & price has not been listed. Will there be an update on this soon ? thank you.
  2. I usually spend £500-£1000 on guests for autos and photoshoots without travel etc but this year not so many different guests to get this year just more to spend on the few guests I am interested in such as Maryse - MANOFHONOUR.
  3. Does anyone know of a good/non damaging way to remove fingerprints from photos ? Maybe a reprint facility could be considered for print outs for a fee with a Limited time period enforced for ordering ...
  4. London Film and Comic Con 2012 was the 1st LFCC event I have attended. LFCC 2012 was in a New Stadium for the 1st time due to the expansion of the LFCC event. Clearly Showmasters is going to be learning at this stage and did what they felt they could do for a 1st attempt in a New Stadium. The 5 guests I met, I had a fantastic chat with them and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of meeting them inparticular Mike(Virgil) Nick and Mickie. Jeri and Gillian were pleasant and polite and great to of met them but too short of time with them. Due to the amount of fans waiting to meet them, this is not surprising but would be great if could have alittle more time with them than just sign an item and move on. There was a few points from the event which I personally felt could of been done more effectively. Everybody seems to be commenting on there photo shoots. I had 4 photo shoots on the Saturday afternoon. Gillian and Jeri were done using the light blue background used at CM shows and I found the photo print outs came out brighter and more pleasant. Side note to this is the photographer in the Photo Area D personally checked his camera for both shoots after taking my photos to ensure the photo was perfect. Thank You to that Photographer. Photo Area D had no clear queue definition. This was mostly due to fans hanging around the queing area for no other reason than to hear the numbers called for there shoot. Photo Area A for Nick and Mickie had a dark blue background and added a darker effect to the photo print outs. The photographer at this shoot did not check anyone's photos after being taking whilst I was present in the area for both shoots. This photographer also took chest upwards shots for these shoots inparticularly Nick which I feel was a senseless thing to do as Nick had kindly made the shoots extra special for his fans to appear in his Ring Gear but No one has Nick's generosity in there photos. My personal opinion on the print outs being done on or off site. Only print photo shoot photos on site IF there is professional lab quality printer/s available at the shows. IF not , then a local professional lab quality print out place such as Boots is more suitable. Suggestions for Improvements to avoid future negative threads on the forum. 1. More Seating around the stadium OR a large cornered off area for seating. 2. More posters around the show stating photo shoot locations/times etc. 3. Photo Shoot areas have large notice boards/posters stating current numbers for fans to see and leave and come back. 4. ***** MOST IMPORTANT ***** Photo Collection Area A for Morning photo shoots. Photo Collection Area B for Afternoon photo shoots. Too many fans being pushed/waiting/getting angry for lack of precise answers to when there photos would arrive. I want to make this perfectly clear to Showmasters. I am a fan of your shows, I will continue to attend and do photo shoots and meet as many guests as possible. I offer suggestions above to help improve and to help with the success of all your events.
  5. Thank you very much Queen_Sidel and etmuse for Official Clarification.
  6. Hello, I have a High number for Gillian photo shoot (718) which means afternoon shoot. I also have very low numbers for Nick and Mickie photo shoots (12) and (7) which both FINISH by the time the end of Gillians second photo shoot. Assuming Gillians second shoot will be very busy and I will not finish until deadline of 2:10pm. How do I proceed to ensure I am able to obtain all 3 photos ? thank you.
  7. Hello Jason, I understand and appreciate what you have said. Reputation is everything. If things change perhaps a strict guideline/contract could be put in place to ensure standards are upheld for both parties. Until a change is possible, I will participate in dealers rooms. Thank You.
  8. If Showmasters was to allow outside Vendour guests, I could of brought in Professional Wrestling stars many shows ago as I work with Wrestling Talent and Vendours for US Conventions. When I enquired awhile ago, I was told bringing in guests was not possible despite the Positive Heat it could bring to the show. Judging from the response of the TNA stars already added. Wrestling is needed for UK fans. If things change I would be more than happy to help bring in Wrestling talent. Thank You.
  9. Is there a maximum amount of autographs Gillian will sign for one person ? thanks
  10. Will there be any Gillian Anderson items available for auction ?
  11. Will there be a PROP available for photos with Robert Englund or Robert Patrick ?
  12. Is in search for Shawn Michaels / DX MERCHANDISE in particular Official 8X10 Promo Photos from WWF/WWE.
  13. I certainly hope Ray Park's autograph price is announced soon as I would like to purchase quite a few. Edit: Sorry but advertising is not allowed on this forum
  14. I would certainly like to see Wrestling guests turn up. Edit: Sorry but advertising is not allowed on this forum
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