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  1. Having read through a lot of posts about her, other than obviously below par photo shoots (which may have been down to an injury) it sounds like she was like a lot of guests who have attended events and left fans divided in their opinions. It sounds like she interacted with some people in her autograph queue, when others met her, she was trying to get through autographs quickly so didn't interact. Unfortunately this stuff happens with a lot of busy guests. When I got Matt Smith's autograph at a previous event, he didn't look up once and made no attempt to interact, others I presume got a h
  2. It's often down to people's perspectives. I've had what I thought were dreadful experiences with guests, only to see people posting on here about the same guests claiming to have had a wonderful one, when really they probably had just as much (or as little) interaction as me. I finally realised this when I was behind someone in a queue who basically rambled at a guest, who then looked up and said the word yes and that was the interaction in total. Later they reported this on the forum as a full blown conversation.
  3. Here are my few photo shoots from the weekend, I'll perhaps post a link to Facebook when I manage to get some uploaded there. Dolph Lundgren Michelle Gomez Natalia Tena Rutger Hauer Three Doctors
  4. This will get people in the mood https://youtu.be/pAY8nH_fFkc
  5. Well, someone must decide who will be a Diamond Pass guest - they're almost always going to be a big name, so in a way they already do decide.
  6. I know standard entry was for sale in advance, but to be honest we always brought early bird. I think possibly now the event will be ticket in advance only, that system may work if the early bird ticket numbers were limited - essentially creating, as I said a true early bird ticket. While this weekend's queue was long at times, I don't think it was chaos - although I'd love to know why on Saturday around 9.30, there was barely any queue outside the venue and station, yet we were queuing in front of people's houses!
  7. I think maybe this was a plea to bring back the early bird/regular system that we used to have. Going to e-tickets and wristbands is fine and all, but selling only one entry time means everyone is more likely to show up at the crack of morning (even those who would have preferred the later entry with the old system) making the venue overflooding with people from the very beginning. I didn't go last year, but the two years before that were very doable in terms of crowds in the morning. I never had any issues getting to what I had booked and I rarely had to do the afternoon shoots for a guest me
  8. Or, perhaps she was just too polite to say no to people? I've had my fair share of table shots, but after going to many shows and even witnessing a guest trying to enforce the no pictures rule themselves (it turned into quite a nasty scene) - I'd never ask for one if there was a sign up.
  9. As I said in another thread, I decided to opt for more photo shoots than autographs this year. As I'm not one for poses, I'll just post a few on here and the rest will be on my Facebook, along with some general snaps I took of the event and London. Christopher Lloyd Michael J. Fox Sherilyn Fenn Everything else can be found on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152921479556176.1073741839.530551175&type=1&l=2ac1101088
  10. I didn't get many autographs, as I decided this year that photo shoots would be more interesting. James Remar - I'm a big fan of the Warriors, but I'd not come across a picture of Ajax that I liked that much, so I got the DVD signed instead. Sherilyn Fenn - Obviously fantastic in Twin Peaks, but I first saw her in 'Of Mice and Men' when my class watched it in High School. I also got a photograph signed as well. Michael J. Fox - I've always been a big fan of his and as it goes beyond just one role, I wanted a non specific picture signing. Although had I come acros
  11. I think this is a health and safety thing, if in an emergency the queue needed to be dispersed, barriers would make this harder.
  12. Showmasters do a pretty good job, but you really are better providing your own if you have a specific picture in mind. There's no guarantee they've been able to secure the image use etc.
  13. This is a very difficult subject to comment on, without causing offence! Obviously unwanted physical contact and rude comments are not acceptable in any situation, but if a man or woman is going to Cosplay as a scantily clad character then they're taking that risk. I'm not in any way shape or form saying they're asking for it, I'm just saying that they're obviously going to attract attention and chances are some of it may be unwanted. I think possibly the convention environment causes people to drop their guard. Unfortunately as "our" scene gets more popular and attracts a wider audien
  14. Its annoying that some idiots can ruin it for everyone. I hope people that do something like that are removed from the convention. If it's the occasion I'm thinking of, it was a complete misunderstanding. I met the friend of the person involved and the poor sod still feels terrible about it.
  15. I don't recall ever seeing the queues get that long for these types of shots.
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