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  1. EXCELLENT !!!! now it is the big announcement really thanks
  2. great news! very nice to see it was a success! Hoping I can go this time, and with two days its always easier
  3. oh yes Summer Glau! it would be perfect for this event! and I just bought my SCC photo-op, would be soooo happy to upgrade it
  4. since its a big announcement any chance the store could still be open sunday night please? so we have a chance to order too
  5. already have both but I would buy that, and shop closing soon
  6. a double photo-op with Caitlin Blackwood would be awesome ^^
  7. would love to see her at LFCC with Frakes for a double photo-op
  8. now you have to do a double shoot with Thomas Dekker, you have to
  9. can I have a SW convention in a Jawa sandcrawler, please ?
  10. I come in peace STAR TREK VI
  11. Jane Seymour Melissa Gilbert Christopher Plummer Ed Asner Christopher Lee Martin Landau Ian Holm Michael York Jenny Agutter Malcolm Tierney Malcolm Dixon Bernard Cribbins Helen Horton (Alien) from The Terminator : Earl Boen Dick Miller and any Star Trek TOS actors like Robert Walker or Joan Collins please Poster artists Roger Kastel or Tom Jung
  12. one more reason to have him : http://www.mtv.com/videos/misc/734775/excl...-revealed.jhtml
  13. great photo opportunity again now what would it take to convince Michael Dorn ?
  14. agree that would be simply fantastic
  15. new interview again, discussing The Hobbit in this part :
  16. Tuskegee Airmen ? next year might be a good time... http://www.youtube.com/user/RedTailsMovie and Christopher Lee please
  17. yeah we wont see another trek event announced, but we can hope for some nice guests. Maybe we could have a screening at Bluewater ?
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