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  1. I am unhappy because this photo is not to the high standard that the showmasters photoshoots normally are. I don't use this forum on a regular basis so I had no idea that this "super bright flash" was mentioned anywhere before the event. If you compare my Pamela Anderson photo to any of my other showmasters photoshoots it's quite clear what I mean, I give an example below of the normal quality of a photo taken at a showmasters event I think that the least Showmasters should do is give everyone the digital copy for free to allow us to improve the pic ourselves
  2. Today (Sunday) I attended the photo shoot for Pamela Anderson but I was very unhappy with the resulting photo. For some reason the photo appears very washed out/over bright, all the colours are several shades higher than they should be. I noticed that this happened not only on my phot with pam but many others that I saw at the time of the photoshoot session with her. I did noticed that the photographer was using a rather bright flash that was mounted around the end of his camera like a big polo, I think it's a good guess that this flash was too bright for the proximity of the people in shot. It's noticeable that I even have red eye in the photo due to the brightness. All of my other photoshoots with other guests today were fine today as always. Obviously it's too late for me and anyone else who had this problem to get another photo taken so what else can you do about this please? I hope that any others who have had this poor result will mention it here. Here is a scan of the photo in question
  3. I'm not 100% sure if I can make this event yet so I would like to know if I can buy an entry ticket at the door on the day?
  4. Fantastic, the first Showmasters event that's under 50 miles from my home
  5. This show will have to improve a LOT if I am to attend. I don't think I want to drive all the way to Milton Keynes to see a bunch of repeat/filler guests that have been doing the rounds for 10 years!
  6. I agree with Rachey above. You will probably be doing a lot of q-ing throughout the day and will end up chatting to people then. That's been my experience anyway
  7. Thanks you SM for Paul Freeman :) Maybe a lady Indy guest too? Kate Kapshaw or Alison Doody
  8. Awesome, I see another Indy gathering what with Paul and also George Harris :)
  9. Those of you who attended Collectormania last weekend may have noticed an Indiana Jones gathering. We were all mostly there to meet Karen Allen and Paul Freeman before he cancelled. I just wondered if it was possible to get a few Indy guests for the upcoming LFFC so we can have another Indy meet up? I know George Harris is coming but Alison Doody would be fantastic :)
  10. With no real BIG guest this time I would think that Sean Pertwee would be one of the busiest guests attending.
  11. Apemania for the mask, Russian military boots, plum colour dickies work wear. everything else hand made.
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