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  1. It must be something each hotel do differently. Never heard of this before. I have dropped my bags off before I have checked if I arrive early or after I have checked out at the hotel if my flight leaves late. I have stayed at all around the world but never paid extra for it.
  2. Yes, saw it. I would say by it that we wont see him for a while.
  3. Sigh!!! Told you before it is his laundry day! He will not come.
  4. Crate for the book and himself I have heard...he sleeps in it you know.
  5. Those wings were pretty amazing and you could not tell it was for a show, anyone could get some cool photos of it.
  6. Dont plan. Just do! And hopefully the angel wings can come back.
  7. The less we know, the better.
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