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  1. I hope for Ralph Fiennes.. he put on an electric show too.
  2. The sexiest instrument according to Rolling Stones Magazine 1989..A thanks for every ”deep” scene..steamy or not.. in Miami Vice.
  3. Wasnt he abit electric in that one?
  4. You can trigger bombs with potatoes. Dont underestimate the power of the mighty potatoe. But to be serious.. I think SM would play a bit bigger horns if it is that dude in the all girl Ghostbusters movie who will be the new upcoming guest.
  5. Still waiting for.. that electric stuff...
  6. Not only Jason would be on fire...
  7. Just painful to watch.
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    Nah, be honest now:
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    Haha! No way.
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    Very drunk. It is stand still.
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    Hey! Get a room!!!
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    Soon on my way home from work, another weekend over. I hope you all had a great one.
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    Must be from Finland..