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  1. slug_slug


    okidokie thanks hun i couldn't remember if we got told when we got there or if we got told before hand... thanks again! xxx
  2. slug_slug


    Hey guys, would someone let me know if there is a party of some description on saturday or friday night for the crew or general public and which one most people are going to? love kate xxx
  3. *heckles Too Tall* mwahahahahahahaha... I can't wait for tomorrow when Me and Steph Pulley will be coming down together!!! So what's everyone up to friday night? I'm feeling going out for crepes, it's a tradition for me and steph... we found a great little place not too far from the hotel that does great ones... Also, will there be a crew party? (aimed at Too Tall, or whoever else knows) Can't waiiiiiiitttttttttt only one more day! I really hope I get to meet Savini, as he's one of my inspirations for career moves. Would be great to talk to him about how to get into the film industry! I'd love to make it big as a sfx makeup artist and then be the one on the other side of the table, signing the autographs of my work!!! See you all theeeerrrreeeee xxx kate c xxx
  4. Hooray for all who are working! The one guest I'm über excited about is Tom Savini, because I really want/need, lol, to be a special effects make-up artist and he's the man as far as I'm concerned! I want to ask him so many questions (well I think I do!) and I think he's just about as awesome as someone can get... I really hope he's nice and friendly... I can't see why he wouldn't be! hahaha... I also am quite psyched about the stewart and the hurt and the lloyd and the mewes and the ramamurthy and peter davison (i sat with him once and it was very cool) Eeeeeeeeeeeee! London London London! xxx kate
  5. slug_slug

    so who's crewing?

    So i just wanted to know who's crewing lfacc this year? I, for one, am and I can't wait! I'd really love to get to meet Tom Savini to talk to him about special effects makeup and his course that he runs in Pittsburgh in the states. So who's crewing and who do you want to meet? xxx
  6. I totally want a ride with roxy, but only cuz she's roxy. i couldn't care less what kind of car she has, lol... :) (btw this is kate, the one who steals all of roxy's ciggies lol)
  7. i'm very very sorry for the red eye! i had it on red eye reduction too!!! sorry it's a bit blurry!!! ummmm, enjoy? good to see you all, as usual! x
  8. awesome, I'll see you there!
  9. slug_slug


    I am! who else is?
  10. slug_slug

    Florida Show

    Are Showmasters still affiliated with the FX show? just that I am looking to move Stateside and it would be a chance for me to continue working for the convention world:)
  11. slug_slug


    Who's goinging from Northampton on the train? Even from MK would be good to know, just so's maybe some of us can meet up for the trip down. Get back to me and we'll arrange away :) kate
  12. Yay! Now I (sort of) know who I'm sharing with! Cheers ma dears! Katesxxx
  13. Hey, I was just wondering if my roomie could make herself known to me? That is, of course, if she is on here! Her name is Kirsty Jones, I think... Well, she'd know if she was sharing with me, because she'd have 'Kate/Katie Coyle' written down as her roommate! Happy days, guys and gals! Katesxxx
  14. slug_slug

    Crewing e-mails

    Thanks Jola, you're a star! *hugs* *dances to songs on tv*
  15. a deal? drugs are bad troy... they're too expensive! lol come on! tell all! :)
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