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  1. We still have not had any sufficient answers to our emails, tweets or Facebook messages other than "We have received a lot of emails". Since we last emailed about this 3 weeks ago, it is not too much to expect a response with in this time. It is a real shame to be let down this way by a company that we enjoy the events of. Can someone from showmasters please respond or pm me with alternate contact details or phone number so o can get some resolve as at this point I just want my money back now.
  2. What is happening with thw t-shirt's? I still have not received them!! Nobody is answering my emails. Who do I need to call/email to get an answer. I am losing my patients with this.
  3. We have the same issue, we got the reply to the email on the 6th Oct saying we'd have them in a few days. Still haven't got them bor to the email I sent last week about this. I'll speak to the sales desk tomorrow.
  4. Thank you. Does the green screen count for the emperor throne greenscreen?
  5. In the email advising of the talks included in the package it listed; 1x Standard Green Screen Photoshoot 1x Standard Bridge Photoshoot But it doesn't state which bridge or which green screen they are for. I want to make sure I have tickets of the other shoots but don't know which ones I should book. Can they be used for any of the bridges / green screen? Hope this makes sence. Thanks
  6. Yeah that's what we thought. I'll check at the ticket pick up, if it is a problem I can take it to the car and come back for 2pm.
  7. Thank you. If my memory is correct (which it is quite often isn't) that is the same hall as 2016.
  8. Does anyone know which hall is being used for the weekend?
  9. Sorry if this has been posted already but I was wondering what the policy was with what type/size of bags are allowed. I have a messagener bag (W: 45 H: 36 D: 18 cm) which I always use for DST/Cons (for all the merch I end up buying). The last time I was at the NEC was in June 2017 for Collectormania. The bag was accepted, they were doing bag checks. The NEC website states bags larger then a laptop bag may be rejected. This is a little ambiguous as technically the bag I am taking could be argued to a laptop bag as has a laptop compartment. So it really isn't very clear on what size they are talking about. Thanks for your help.
  10. My brother and I ordered the DST t-shirts from the website. There is no information delivery timescales (at least that I have seen), does anyone know how long this usually take for delivery?
  11. So happy with these announcements. So excited now.
  12. Does anyone know when it would be announced what talks/photos are included in the packages? We have Lieutenant tickets and are keen to know what we are getting so we can order tickets for other talks/photos. I may be wrong but I am sure that 2016 we knew by now.
  13. How much is the photo shoot? I can't find this information on the website.
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