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  1. Big Bang Photo Shoot

    Thank you.
  2. How much is the photo shoot? I can't find this information on the website.
  3. Yay!! Just bought our tickets. Settled for the Lieutenant pass in the end. Excited now.
  4. Guest Suggestions

    Do we know when more guests are going to be announced? Some actors from Harry Potter or Game of Thrones would be great.
  5. Guest suggestions.

    Yeah I hope some of the cast of Discovery will be there too. Jason Issacs in particular (That may be due to the Harry Potter fan in me. Haha)
  6. So excited for this!!! 16 months notice is brilliant. I had a Lieutenant pass last October but would love to have a Commander pass this time. I have some saving to do!! Haha.
  7. Guest suggestions.

    OMG, where to begin? Patrick Stewart Brent Spiner John DeLancie Karl Urban Chris Pine Kate Mulgrew Roxanne Dawson Scott Bakula James Cromwell Jeri Ryan Alfre Woodard Dwight Schultz Robert Picardo I could go on and on..... Everyone, everyone needs to come!!! Haha.
  8. Frequently Asked Questions

    Yeah we couldn't find it either and wasn't on the map.
  9. Live from the Friday party

    Pleased I bailed on the party then. I am knackered. Lol
  10. Countdown

    We arrived in Birmingham this afternoon. Chilling out at the hotel, 1 mile from NEC. Can't wait till tomorrow. Just deciding what time to head over for the registration. Want to be early but not stupidly early as usually happens. Haha
  11. Paying for Autographs

    You just pay when you get the autograph. Thank you.
  12. Paying for Autographs

    So if you are paying with cash do you need to get vouchers or just pay when you get the autograph?
  13. Car Parking

    We emailed the NEC and they said parking closed 2 hours after event and suggested parking at the train station. Checked with the station and 24 hours is £12 on the Friday and £9 on a Sat and Sun. We are gonna park here on Friday.
  14. Frequently Asked Questions

    As long as they can scan the barcode it doesn't matter which format you have it in. The prop shoot will be announced after the weekend. The prop shoots are normally sold on the day only, that is why no tickets are in the store. Thank you both.