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  1. Lol yeah its taking me ages!!!! It sounds soooooo cheesy! I hate that you have to make yourself look good blah blah, I just keep putting big words in!!!
  2. I got 56%, which I think is pretty right with me! Yay!
  3. At the mo I'm doing the whole personal statement thing and finding courses that I enjoy and Uni's that i want to go to! Its a nightmare because I don't want to make the wrong decision and all and I have to work really hard to make sure I get the grades! I was thinking about Aberystwyth in Wales, what do you think? Is it a good Uni? I can't wait to go to Uni next year. Lol I'm glad you're surviving at the mo!!!!!! Just party hard! Oh yeah and don't forget to work occassionally!
  4. Yeah I just wondered if you can buy tickets on the door, because I know I will be there in the day, but I'm not sure about the evening.
  5. Man I haven't been here in a ges, and just thought I'd just check who was going to C6 and I find theres going to be a party! I've missed out on so much! Woo!! Hopefully I can go the whole weekend and to this party, now I need some money!
  6. Could someone post the link, because I can't seem to find it.
  7. I was sitting on the side underneath the boxes and the left hand side of teh stage (when looking at it). It was well cool!
  8. So what did you all think of it? I thought it was absolutely awesome. I got a £6 ticket so I thought my seat was going to be rubbish, but I think it was just as good as anywhere else!
  9. I'm watching the first two EE first then Rotk after with my other crazy mates! Food and tissues at the ready!
  10. Thats good but bad, because I've organised a LotR day on the release date of 25th!!! At Tesco I know you can get it on the midnight before the release date if its not released on Friday. I was going to go, but I have a german exam the morning after - not a good idea!
  11. Yeah I went to the CoS one too and i got there about 1pm and the barriers were up. I got to the front but I went to the wrong side so I mainly saw celeb guests rather than the actors!
  12. Because its a sunday they do tend to do the premiere earlier than 6pm, I think. When I went to CoS I think it was earlier than 6pm. Yay I'm going too! The organisation is always lousy so dont expect anything better than the RotK premiere.
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