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  2. Ok Red, Babe, here are your directions. From the uni, go right and up the hill. Take a left into Rangers, round the corner, heading out of Glasgow and just before you hit the bend go right, right again, down the dip and on and on - long road - then ye ll get to my lane just before you get to a brown sign for a reservoir. Thank Orli for the forum eh? See ye on Thursday. Cannae wait. Hugs.
  3. Right y'are then. Lets all shout. [color=#FF0000] GET YOURSELVES OVER HERE ONTO THE LOTR THREAD[/color]. (lazy b's probably cannae be bothered.
  4. Oh my Orli..... There I am. (am rather drunk - hic. )
  5. On drunken behalf of a certain female redhead friend of mine, let's pray that a certain Elf (Orlando) will one day make an appearance. It is true that she met him once, last October in fact, but was slightly out of smooching distance and all she managed was an autograph and very shaky legs. She has not spoken since having lost the capacity of speech, oh, and I am now a Dead Legolassy. Oops.
  6. Whoa. Jack Black would be ACE. But I thought the role had already been decided........ and none of those actors were in on the deal? Nice thought though.
  7. Life? Ach yes. I can add a little of the Scottish life to this forum and find the lost threads of the Elf Fetish Society, the Scottish Hobbit club (of course) and wasney there something about drunken hobbit type kilts and the under table stuff. Come on guys. Lets get the show on the road.
  8. Where did everybody go? Billybird? Kilteus? JayGears?
  9. Not PP'd. Not dumped. Not ill. Just Marry me please. Loving you. xx
  10. July. OK you win. I'll do it. I need to see you though to sort out some details and have you any where in mind? Sean and Billy Hugs to you. (and love). xxxxx
  11. Hello Doodles. Hope that you are well. I need your help if you are willing. We had a discussion some days ago and I said something stupid, I havent heard from her since. I know I am a complete pig and all that but I need to say I am sorry. Can you tell her from me. She wont answer my texts or phones. Sorry to use the forum in such a way but I am at my wits end. My love to you and as always, yours. xxx I just read that and it makes no sense to me at all but I guess you know who I mean? Love. xx
  12. July. I am so sorry. I am an ignorant pig. I apologise a million times. Forgive me. Please text, phone, post. Anything. I really am sorry. Please?
  13. Hello Guys. Please see my post in Doodles and who has been playing about with my picture? Can I have the old one back please. Love to you both. xxxxxxxxxxxx (ps Im keeping the July hugs). Billy hugs for you.
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