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  1. There are a lot of topics that some people hope will remain in the depths..... Such as the Elf in Boots Fetish
  2. Hi Precious, Darn phones, at least we have the forum for when all other forms of communication go to pot, and at least you can still receive messages from me Yeah that sounds good actually. I had that major major assignment deadline on Monday, and there is another but not so bad on Friday, so I've been thinking I'll probably be absolutely out of it by the weekend. Had one and a half hours sleep on Sunday night So we'll give this one a miss but maybe try to make it to the next SM. Staying over one Friday night and spending the day on Saturday suits me just fine too, as I also have work on Sundays. Perhaps the Friday after the weekend of the 12th, as I think I'd have done my exam by then, and if not, then the weekend when I come back from Portsmouth. Hope you get the problems with you-know-who sorted, and I hope Doods can work her magic on your phone too! Take care and Loveses
  3. I've been watching this LOTR video on YouTube periodically over the last couple of weeks, and it cracks me up every time. Some people I've shown it to find it hilarious, and some just think it's silly! What do you think? It's because the voiceover matches their expressions so perfectly Here's the link:
  4. He's too young to be married! He's what, 14, 15...? Oh, 22 PS - Surely LJ is actually one of the most important characters in the show. He gives Lincoln's character more depth. Because of LJ, he has commitments and emotional ties. If he didn't have LJ, he'd just be a tough bloke running away from the cops
  5. July!! I hope you get this in time. Is your phone still saying my number is blocked? Only Collectormania is this coming weekend, I didn't know it was that close, and need to know what you decided! I have work on Sunday y'see, and need to know whether to try to get someone to cover that shift or not. Although we could just go on the Saturday if you have decided you want to. And it'll be your birthday right? Perfect! PP, BB and LL
  6. Kilteus


    Mwahahahahahahaha! So how is everyone?
  7. Kilteus


    BOO!!!!!!! Teehee, hi everyone
  8. AAAAHHHH, Merry Very Late Christmas to everyone too! I miss the old days when it was crazy, but this part of the forum is so quiet now... Actually I seem to notice that even general chat is a bit quiet, there used to be about 10 pages of threads but now there's only two.... Anyway, am still popping back here once every blue moon to see how things are going, hope everyone is doin good!
  9. Who dragged this one up? I still want a pair though!
  10. BOO!!! We had a new FotF member the other day, through the website, first one in ages... I wonder how they're finding us!
  11. It was meant to be Elijah with his arms outstretched, but it seems he didn't want that hug after all, Orlidammit!! Should be getting new text message bundle on the 1st or 2nd of May. Back at uni now, but have an exam and deadline on Tuesday, arrgghh!! Good luck with your essay for tomorrow!! Still not sure if I'm staying night as that depends on revision etc, so better put off buying tickets for now, but will know soon. See you soon, woohoo!!! *BH* and *SS* XxXxX PS - I WOOD
  12. Hell yeah!! By the way, sorry I haven't texted for so long Preciousss.... Am out of free texts and out of credit. Back in Stafford on Monday or Tuesday though! Hope you're well. XxXxX He wants a hug!! lol
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