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  1. HE'S SCOTTISH I LOVE HIM EVEN MORE NOW!!!! I didnt think it was possible!
  2. *saunters in* I LOVE SCOTTISH MEN (and Paul McGann who has Irish familial ties rather than Scottish...but I still love him *runs out*
  3. Nice Ewan ness! Peter Mayhew looks a bit windswept and a bit like Brian May there hmmm! Good pics btw!
  4. wow...poor Kylie those radiographers did a good job spotting it early....!!
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I don't know I'm willing to try and check that you are indeed correct in this assumption......*puts on list of things to do before I die play hockey in sandals...." have the ambulance on speed dial when I do...
  6. The DOORS.....amazing film he made a perfect Jim Morrison and good hair too!
  7. STICKER LORD...... and I play the music stand..... so thats where I've been going wrong all these years
  8. Thank you miss Kirsty....hehe they are very good uns I very much hope you a feeling muchly better !
  9. legolas' mistress


    I just found a chocolate bar hidden in my bag from last weekend...soo good!! Is a good point though something a little less likely to disintegrate or else else make a huge mess when I accidentally sit on it would be good
  10. yeah had just got home and was feeling a tad emotional and very down...ooo I smell chocolate ...*runs away to find*
  11. Its the 20th November at the village hotel in Cardiff wesite info below... Paul McGann goodness in Cardiff!
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