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  1. The shopping centre is open every Sunday, regardless of Collectormania event. It also charges for parking every Sunday at a normal rate. As a local of Milton Keynes, this is a point of some debate, but that's for a different forum. That said, there ARE free spaces, I got to the centre at 11.00 on the Sunday, parked in the free, all day spaces near the garden centre and there was a LOT of spaces still available at that time. Anyone coming to this forum prior to the event would of found a bunch of very helpful locals directing people to the best parking. As for James Masters, I can confirm i
  2. hi have spoke to sm they said you dont seat in the seats on the tix you just q then run for a good seat so sorry to disapoint fellow ppl with good seats! alexa
  3. They def on same row-- BB1 AND BB21. Im ringing up today to check on the tix so will report back later
  4. ahh right! Thanks everyone!
  5. I received my talk tickets this morning and found that my my seats aren't together. I got a seat 1 and a seat 21. Ive just checked the seating plan of the theatre and there at opposite ends :-(. Is anyone elses like this? Alexa
  6. Sorry for delay, internet was not working. Well i went past in the car, didnt have time to wait outside as was going out. On the way to NEW COLLEGE there are florescent green signs that are coded with the words 'WB LOC' which i take to mean Warner Bros Location. Then when you get to the college there are lots of vans and trucks and inside the college entrance you can see white sheets around what must be the set. The are big signs saying the collge is closed. It looks like you would not get anywhere near the stars if you tried but you never know. So thats that! Alexa
  7. i know because i work in one of the colleges in oxford, cleaning students rooms and common rooms and a few weeks ago i was cleaning a room used by older students and students from a different college and there was an envelope with a letter attched to it and when i glanced at it i noticed the words 'warner bros' and 'filiming' so i read it and it said that they are at this other college from 23rd Aug for 2 weeks but its very secret and the person who got the letter musnt tell anyone etc etc. So on tuesday my friend from works daughter went to the college coz she is a big harry potter fan and th
  8. (whispers) I know where theyre filming this week
  9. Hello If you go to where harry potter is being filmed how did you get to meet them as there is security around not letting you near them? Thank you Alexa
  10. did anyone like my pix?
  11. It was was very good but they missed a lot out of the book and changed things and it was very rushed but am looking forward to seeing it again!! Alexa
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