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    Michael beihn / aliens Lance Henriksen / aliens/terminator RAY PARK / star wars Janet Goldstein / aliens Toby Stephens severance Shauna Macdonald / descent Nicholas Lyndhurst Charlie hunnam / sons of anarchy ray Winston / Scum Michael Palin / Monty python Ricky Gervais/ the office Karl Pilkington / idiot abroad John Rhys-Davies / Indiana Jones Dominic Monaghan / lost / lotr Ian Holm / from hell / lotr Ian McDiarmid / star wars
  2. let's all keep our fingers crossed
  3. this was my first time on Saturday and loved it soon as dates are up booking it off work down fall of working weekends suppose but either way I'm going
  4. I know it's a way off but will we have dates for next year's event in Bournemouth soon as I know the London dates are confirmed just eager to know as had amazing time this year on the Saturday for my first time visiting
  5. what will the rogue one on main stage be about first time attending? many thanks