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  1. Michael beihn / aliens Lance Henriksen / aliens/terminator RAY PARK / star wars Janet Goldstein / aliens Toby Stephens severance Shauna Macdonald / descent Nicholas Lyndhurst Charlie hunnam / sons of anarchy ray Winston / Scum Michael Palin / Monty python Ricky Gervais/ the office Karl Pilkington / idiot abroad John Rhys-Davies / Indiana Jones Dominic Monaghan / lost / lotr Ian Holm / from hell / lotr Ian McDiarmid / star wars
  2. really hope there is one next year yes this year wasn't as grand as last year but hey sometimes these things happen and you can't please everyone. I just hope showmasters continue with Bournemouth it's a great venue and location and I've got every bit of faith in showmasters to pull off a great event next year
  3. we can only hope it is but I'll be guessing it's not either way will be pretty cool
  4. anyone know how much the photo is for this prop please? thanks
  5. who's looking forward to Saturdays event? got my fingers crossed that some more surprise guests may be added in next few days or on the day itself. but happy with who I get to meet looking forward to browsing the stalls and seeing what props are on show roll on Saturday
  6. thank you just getting bit excited I think lol
  7. are we going to see any big guests added to the show like last year and previous years. I see alot of big names being added to all the other events and considering this only 3 months away still no big names? I'm more then happy with the guests currently added as I'm a huge star wars fan. but last year meeting Vasquez from aliens was amazing just hoping there are some big names like her in the pipe line.
  8. yes first star wars guest big thumbs up Michael Carter (bib fortuna star wars) John simpkin klaatu would be smashing aswell love the star wars guests
  9. felicity Jones would be great Tom hardy long shot I know Lance Henriksen (bishop aliens) Billy dee Williams (lando starwars) Jeremy bulloch (boba fett) Matt le Blanc (Joey friends) Carl weathers (Dillon predator) Michael Carter (bib fortuna star wars) Denis Lawson (wedge Antilles star wars) Sean Pertwee (dog soldiers) Jenette Goldstein (she was a great guest in 2017) Ray park Dan Logan John simpkin (klaatu star wars) Adrian Charles "Ade" Edmondson (Eddie bottom) Warwick Davis (wicket star wars) Mike Edmonds (logray star wars) ghost adventures crew Ricky Gervais Karl Pilkington lost tv show any character
  10. this was my first time on Saturday and loved it soon as dates are up booking it off work down fall of working weekends suppose but either way I'm going
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