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  1. Guest Suggestions

    Ronaldinho Robinho Ray Park
  2. Diamond Pass Question

    Thank you!
  3. Diamond Pass Question

    So regarding the photo shoots do diamond pass just go straight up before batch 1?
  4. I'm thinking of buying a diamond pass but only attending Saturday, from what I just read I understand there is no guarantee in gaining the auto, but if purchased now what do people think of my chances of getting called for the auto?
  5. Guest Suggestions

    Ray Park Pleaaaaassseeeee
  6. I'd feel gutted if he didn't personalise it, I accept sometimes people are busy and they don't feel well but it's a fan :/ still excited to meet him
  7. Guest Suggestions

    Ray Park!
  8. Yes always wanted to meet him now just for Ray Park
  9. Guest Suggestions

    Peter Mayhew Ray Park Simon Pegg Natalie Dormer Sam Neil Andrew Lee Potts Some pirates of the Caribbean guests
  10. Autographs question

    Marvellous, thank you! better get some frames ready!
  11. Does he personalise his autos with like name and quote like on his website?
  12. Autographs question

    What size are the photos at the tables usually when you get an autograph?
  13. Actually can't wait to see him great guest!!