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  1. Noticed a problem with the Diamond Pass - it says Ticket Price: £155, Fee: £1 under More Info but the pricing info says £170 and £1 fee?
  2. Awful news, an icon of my childhood!
  3. Seeing as the emoji looks like a devil or st I'm gonna guess Ron Perlman for Hellboy?
  4. That awkward point where there's only 8 more Film and TV guests than there are prop shoots...
  5. Was literally just thinking the same thing! Event seems so empty compared to normal, especially considering its only 2 months away now! While I'm sure this will addressed in due course, I have to be honest i'm starting to get a little concerned about this too. As for my ideal guests... GoT (Charles Dance, Dinklage, Harrington, Clarke, Coster-Waldau, Rory Mcan, Iain Glen, Jerome Flynn ) LoTR (ANYONE!!!) Flash Gordon (In particular Brian Blessed, Max Von Sydow and Sam Jones) Walking Dead (in particular Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Michael Rooker, David Morrisey) Finally had two guests added but one cancelled - seems like 2 steps forward and one step back sadly. Understandbly not Showmasters fault for the cancellation but I'm quite disappointed with the lineup thus far. Not a single guest for me personally
  6. Was literally just thinking the same thing! Event seems so empty compared to normal, especially considering its only 2 months away now!
  7. WHAT. Did not even hear about this. Majorly gutted!
  8. A little gutted that these were announced today to pre-order from Zavvi and weren't available to be taken to be signed. They look really cool imo!
  9. I didn't find the prop til around 1pm on Sunday so I'm assuming that head finally gave way sometime Sunday morning. Bit gutted cause I'd seen photos of it and really wanted a selfie with it but that can't really be helped
  10. I attended Sunday only on my own and I got to 14 photoshoots (2 prop ones included in that), and 8 autographs in total. Got to Olympia at about 20 past 10 and left at 5? Literally did nothing but run between shoots/autographs though! Had about 5 mins for food at like 2pm?
  11. Really loved the Photoshoot but was a bit gutted with no signature. Appreciate that some people wanted a proper refund but I'm happy with the vouchers - £5 more than the signature is advertised at and the chances of me attending another event are very high
  12. Going to add my own experience with the con this year seeing as it seems to be on everyone's minds. First of all, I appreciate the hard work that has gone into organising and carrying out the weekend on the whole. I attended the Sunday on my own but thoroughly enjoyed myself and overall everyone else seems to be fairly content with their experience, aside from some issues. I also appreciate that it is a much larger event this year with more guests (celebrities and attendees), a new larger venue and with those factors come more problems. I did feel that organization could have been improved upon in some areas. The ground and first floors were horrendously busy to the point where I almost missed a few photoshoots and barely had the time for food. Meanwhile, the upper floors with the comics were really quiet with wide open spaces. Seemed very much like everything had been crammed into the first two floors while the others were just an afterthought/overflow. The building was painfully warm but given the amount of people and that it was over 20 degrees there isn't much can be done, air con or not. On the whole, the staff I have so much praise for - with special mentions to a few who went above and beyond for me. One member of staff (an elderly Asian woman in a blue crew shirt on one of the entrances) did everything she possibly could to get me transport from the venue. I had less than an hour to get to Victoria Coach Station or I'd be stuck in London with no transport or accommodation and she tried so hard with me. She tried flagging down taxis, checked the bus schedules, checked about train lines, and tried phoning a taxi especially for me. Easily spent 20 mins trying to help before I eventually managed to get a taxi, getting to the station by the skin of my teeth so for that I'm unbelievably grateful and give so much praise. Made me feel so special. However, on the flip side there were one or two staff that (although it didn't cause me an issue in the end) did come across as apathetic. I explained to one or two members of staff that I had clashes and that I had concerns and needed help if I were to attend both. I was then told that there was "nothing they could do. You'll just have to queue up like everyone else". On one hand I appreciate this, it is frustrating when someone gets bumped ahead and yes, at the end of the day I had the same ticket as everyone else so had no inherent right to prioritization, but it frustrated me that no advice or help was offered to relieve the stress. The guests were great. Special mention to James Remar who signed my collectors edition Dexter box set even though he was on his way to dinner, taking the time out to chat to me about the box set and the show as well as being really approachable in the photoshoot. Worst guest I met had to be Trevor Steedman as the way he looked at me when I presented my Alien-Prometheus box set to be signed was as though I was bothering him, not saying a word to me the whole time (not even hello) and made me come away feeling a little disappointed. One random point to conclude, I was excited to get a photo with the T-1000 prop that was in the entrance, but when I finally found it it was missing the head On the whole though I had a fantastic day and (provided the right guests) I would love to attend again in the future. Well done again to Jason and the rest of SM. Hopefully all feedback is read and built upon to continually improve and grow!
  13. 14 photoshoots, 4 signatures and 4 comic book signatures in 1 day with no gold
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