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  1. Leah Thompson and Phoebe Cates would be great. Catherine Mary-Stewart was an excellent guest and a pleasure to meet this year. If I can meet my other 80's teen crushes it would be brilliant.
  2. I take it we can swap for a "normal" photo and get a credit for the difference ??? I'll do the normal photo and green screen it myself then. Jeff
  3. Was really looking forward to meeting Grace. Guests are dropping like flies at the moment. So close to the event as well.
  4. Top bloke Jason, Drew a picture of my daughters car as a transformer last year and she was absolutely thrilled with the result. Jeff
  5. Great guy and loads of fun. Attended his talk in Cardiff and it was one of the highlights. Bags of energy, has loads of fun with the audience and tells some great stories. Absolutely mad as a hatter and love him to bits for being so. Jeff
  6. Lovely guy, met him at London last year in the Boba Fett costume. Got him to sign the photo at Cardiff in September. Didn't realise he gave the proceeds of the costume shoot to charity as he told me how much they had raised from that shoot. At Cardiff he ended up comparing my photo with the official Boba Fett photo as he was wanted to see if the costume was on right and matched. Really sweet guy. Robin of Sherwood was also filmed near my house and I can still remember the sunny summer evenings spent watching them film it. Great memories. Jeff
  7. Does anyone know the name of the company that were selling the photo frames at the entrance to the autograph area? They were made especially for each celeb and had a photo from whatever film / tv they were in, a name plaque and a space to put your own photo from the event. They had sold out of most by Sunday so couldn't get any, Just wondering if they had a website to order from. Regards Jeff
  8. There is no batch number selection on the Sunday photo order. I've ordered anyway but is this correct or is there still a bug and will it affect the order? Jeff
  9. Hi, Another 2 weeks passed and not heard a dickie-bird. Do you know who I can chase this up with? I appreciate the help so far but even an acknowledgement that my query is being looked into would be nice Jeff
  10. Many thanks for your help so far. Not heard a peep to to date though. Is there any way I can chase this up? Regards Jeff
  11. Email sent a couple of days ago. Hopefully you can get things moving and I really appreciate the help. Regards Jeff
  12. I emailed Info@showmastersevents.com 10 days ago now and have not received a response. Are there any other addresses to try ??? Jeff
  13. Towie, They've never been free to download. You have to buy them I'm afraid. Looks like you were given duff information. Jeff
  14. Who do I contact regarding the quality of the photos? At the start of the Colin Baker and Bonnie Langford Tardis shoot the Green Screen processing was way out and the photo is not good quality. So much so it's not even been uploaded to the site for purchasing. Would like to draw this to the powers that be attention and request a refund for the shoot. Regards Jeff
  15. Was there on Sunday and very impressed with the show layout and organisation. First time I've been to the NEC and not had to queue for food for hours. Met Ernie Hudson and had the Ecto1 photo shoot. What a great guy. Really genuine and a pleasure to meet. Colin Baker and Bonnie Langford - Colin on top form as always. Really interacting with the guests and Bonnie Langford was a laugh as well. Only complaint was that the green screen for the Tardis shoot was out of whack and the photo is really bad. Nothing they could do as the queue was building up and the set-up was rushed as the
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