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  1. When I was waiting in the queue for Terry's autograph I was told that the people at the front of the queue were allowed to chat to the guests for 15 - 20 minutes each because they had some kind of ticket or package that gave them that opportunity. So everyone with an ordinary virtual ticket (including me) just had to stand and wait.....and wait......and wait. There were about 60 people behind me and it was 5.30pm. I was near the front and I was the first person with a normal ticket and I wonder now if Terry knew that because I tried to make my 'meet and greet' very brief so that the people
  2. As advertised. What happened? http://www.destinationstartrek.com/highlights/gaming-voyage .
  3. Agreed. If I did not plan ahead I doubt I could have achieved half the things I managed to get done. Incredible how fast the day went. I knew where the guests would be and the best times to queue and allowed extra time to get in the queues for the talks. There was little opportunity to actually explore and take note of the surroundings and other exhibits, but I think other people came with no plans at all, so everyone got the best of the both I think. This event was supposed to celebrate the 50th anniversary and yes I really enjoyed it, but honestly it felt like any other convention, a
  4. No complaints personally, but this is what I recall: Saturday Voyager stage - Stage light was very bright for Terry and she joked that she couldn't see the audience at first. There were also problems with the sound. I was near the front so I heard everything clearly, although Terry's microphone was not working at first and they had to pass the parcel with the other one. There was a bit of feedback when Nicole used it and Nicole's opening comments were about her concerns that nobody could hear in the back rows because she had just passed by the back rows before she came on stage and
  5. I thought the ticket prices were very affordable. £26 - Saturday entry ticket (Included free talks, free exhibitions, free access to see the guests signing away, spacious hall room, very close food outlets, and free wash room facilities.) £26 - Shatner's World Tier 6 (I could see him clearly and heard almost every word.) £11 - DS9 talk (I queued up over an hour before it began, and got a great seat. For £11 it was fantastic value.) £15 - Guest autographs (Most of them were £15 - £20 and you got to meet them and engage in personal conversations with them and sha
  6. The guy sitting next to me was filming most of it. Other people were filming as well. Might see it on social media soon.
  7. The guy asked her if she felt comfortable about kissing another woman which many in the audience found to be rather insulting. Imagine someone asking William Shatner today if he felt comfortable kissing a black woman. Terry's answer was incredible. She was asked twice not to answer the question, but she stood up and demanded to answer it. She spoke from the heart and her voice was almost breaking with emotion. The audience cheered and I found a new respect for Terry. She is a strong person in body, mind, and emotion. I later thanked her when I got her autograph. It was hilarious during
  8. DSTE - Saturday - 3.00pm Congratulations once again for another great show. Had a fantastic time. I bought a day ticket for Saturday and got into the main hall for 9.10am. I immediately went to the Voyager Stage which was already quickly filling up. Got a great seat near the front with a clear view from the aisle. Terry and Nicole are brilliant speakers. That was quite a powerful moment when Terry stood up and gave that guy his answer and boy did she give it! Her answer was given with such emotion that it duly received a roar of applause, and
  9. I rang the NEC. They said it costs £1 per item and they accept coats, bags, luggage (big and small), and baby prams. They said the cloakroom is open for service during each day's event and will stay open up to 30 minutes after each day's event. I asked them about Saturday's timetable because the venue is over at 6pm but I am staying to see 'Shatner's World' which is kind of separate and will be over around 9pm. They said the cloakroom service usually covers the day's venue and likely would close around 6:30pm after the venue is over. She wasn't sure if the cloakroom would still be open at
  10. Will contact them tomorrow and get all the details (times, prices, luggage sizes etc). Cloakroom and entrance to Hall 4. .
  11. I guess it comes down to maximum hall capacity. I have been to places where they have exceeded the limit and people have been asked to wait in a queue outside the hall until some people inside have left the venue. Do they have this kind of arrangement for this venue? Although I think the hall will be big enough for everyone. Are they expecting thousands or tens of thousands?
  12. Thanks again. You provide absolutely First Class customer service.
  13. Thanks. I noticed the venue closes at 6pm but 'Shatner's World' starts an hour later at 7pm. Wonder if ticket holders will be allowed to stay the extra hour? Might be a great opportunity to speak to the guests before they leave.
  14. Thanks. I will try to see them before or after lunch. I think the venue on Saturday ends at 6pm. Will they be signing autographs up to 6pm?
  15. Do the guests leave for lunch together at a set time or at their own convenience? My window to get autographs will be around 1pm and I'm guessing many of the guests will be away for lunch around that time. Does anyone know roughly how long they might take for lunch? e.g. 10 minutes - 1 hour?
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