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  1. I feel its important to raise the issues with the sound quality throughout the weekend. So that hopefully the organisers, or whomever is responsible, can make more informed decisions in the future. Both party nights where frankly awful. Friday: The DJ was using a laptop and repeatedly kept pushing the wrong buttons, which started tracks over from the beginning, and or cut songs out mid way through. No bass at all. Popping from speakers which eventually blew the left side of the room on the Saturday night. (Was fixed eventually). Took 10mins to figure out how to turn the stage lights on. The band wouldn't start without the lights. Microphones had no protection to prevent plosives and sibilance. High piched reverb was a constant issue throughout the party nights, during both acts. People directly infront of the centre stage and within 20ft, where okay, anything past that, and we couldn't clearly hear spoken words or singing. The dj/sound tech, blamed the establishment as his sound desk was positioned adjacent to the stage rather than some distance from the front, to correctly monitor the sound. During Talks at the Event: Again, it would have been easier to hear and understand the guests, if they hadn't used microphones. The clarity of the spoken words were lost. Speakers where loud enough, but having to strain to hear. Speakers incorrectly positioned (Not pointing in the direction of the audience at the rear, at both Voyager and Excelcer stages). Guests complaing about the blinding stage lights and "being cooked" by the heat from them. (LED blubs would be better as they do not emitt any heat). This was the experience i witnessed. I had the distinct impression that very little effort was put into sound checking, and making adjustments to accommodate the environment. Apon speaking with the sound tech, he seemed to think he was doing a good job.
  2. WoW! You must be financially blessed, to have the Admiral experience even more than once! I wanted to stop and have a chat with so many of the guests. What a great bunch of characters. Sulu, Dax1, Tucker, Malcom Reed, Tom Paris, Doc Bashear, and Harry Kim. All just made the weekend for me X
  3. Dj was abit crap. The choice of music put me to sleep. I left at 11pm. I felt sorry for the people queuing for the bar, my friend waited 45mins. Not enough staff i think.
  4. Thats a good question. For some reason, i think its hall four. But i could be wrong...
  5. Lol, Just my personal favourites :) Sulu and Uncle Fester. I'm a Battlestar Galactica boy myself
  6. Booo. I wonder why they didn't think of it? Seems like something folks would like to me!
  7. Hi, I would love to have my picture taken with Christopher Lloyd and George Takei. No costumes, no bridge, just me and the guys. Any chance this is possable?
  8. I'm at Lea Marsden for Friday / Saturday night. Taxi or car share as I'm driving. Come on! :)
  9. Hiya, yes, you'll need the full three day pass. I bought mine, just so i could go to the Friday night party. Less people, bit more exclusive, feel special :)
  10. Just tried to book the train station car park, which is owned by virgin, but it is fully booked now.
  11. Hiya, you need a full weekend pass to be eligible for entry on Friday. Why are you coming for just a few hours Friday? Why not spend more days fun?
  12. I've not seen it, but I've heard of a cheapish asian style hotel called nite nite. Its near the nec. Gud luck.
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