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  1. With X-men Spiderman I picked up AOA leading 1994 & Amazing #401
  2. That is the first one I've been too. Those steps at Russell station do take it out of you. Just had enought time to look round & get back 1 minute before my train left. Maybe next time I should stop on the saturday night then have more time to look round. Megabus only gives you 1248 - 1439 in London. Just wish a few more stalls had Transformers comics in stock.
  3. Are Showmaster ever planning on doing ones? or just stick to outside London being events while comic marts for london only? We do have global with the £2 entry fee but sometimes there is nothing to buy - dealer stocking about 40 copies of the same comics & no Transformers (but I did pick up some Transformers stuff at the Birmingham one last weekend which was only £1 to get - but doors open 12 & the dealers are packing up at 1350 when I don't get there until 1400) Sheffield & Leeds are cramped & mainly just only a few different issues. We have started getting local events with dealers like ones at Cleethorpes which are good. I'm planning on checking out the London comic mart this month - so any dealers bring along about 5 copies of those each issues of Transformers comics. It'll only take up half a box but you'll make money from them rather than leave them all the time sat in a warehouse.
  4. Would non-london based comic marts be somehting that could be tried later on?
  5. This is only really if the guest happen to be in the UK & not working for a week. But then you could have it quite on the first 2 days with it busy for sat/sun. I do think it could be a good idea, you could get in & around then back home on friday. That is if it just applies to the London event.
  6. I'll be having a printed copy for tickets but I always use cash.
  7. Stage 3 for me for the Transformers talks on saturday at 3.
  8. Matt Hatter on ITV saturday morning maybe one written by Simon too. A few last month where.
  9. Also the long run inking Spiderman UK comic when it had new UK only stories
  10. Are there any more stuff being done for rthis event. Like comic covers?
  11. I hope they post up before 15th what talks are on when.
  12. Simon Furman has posted a blog update & states Geoff Senior & James Roberts are down to attend the event but are not listed on the main page. I also hope the confusion over Herb Trimpe - is he or not attend is cleared up. Simon Furman doesn't appear on the guest list either.
  13. I'm staying in an hotel in Croydon (only 40 mins going by train guide) - but the main reason for this is so I can go in the 2 local comic shops after doing the one in central area on the friday. Also for the sunday I just need to walk to east croydon station then direct to Victoria & no pulling my case round on the underground.
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