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    Group Talks

    That's the most utter load of rubbish I've ever heard - People buying the same package for the same money and the value of the package differing. That is so unethical it beggars belief! I am taking advice on this from people with a lot more experience than an admin. I am being screwed out of £15 and I want it back. No ifs, ands or buts. I want it back. And the 2 months date was not an estimate - it didn't say estimate. If it was an estimate then you should have said so. You cant just change the meaning when it suits you. It is clear a breach of the trades description act. And no amount of complaining about contracts or whatever other excuse you might want to come up with after the fact is going to change that. You advertised something, you failed to stick to your advertisement. I've been advised it IS that black and white.
  2. Any chance of putting the CORRECT time for the talks on your website. Have you ever heard of proof reading before hitting the commit button. Its bad enough trying to sort out the mess of the clashes - we don't need your incompetent postings and confusing times. And while we are talking about clashes, how are we supposed to get to a photo shoot when you only allocate 15 minutes A DAY for GATES on Saturday and that time is in the middle of Marina's shoot!! Did you people even think about that??? Another shambles. I'd better get ALL my paid photo's AND ALL of my paid talks (which I cant get at the moment as I'm going to be standing in queues for photos!!!) Damned rip off this "CON"
  3. LexL

    Group Talks

    That still doesn't answer my point as to why they are advertised as £10 in the description, but £25 when you attempt to purchase one. At least with the autographs we know exactly how much each one costs. Totally agree. Its just not on. And we cannot change groups after we chose then ALL THOSE MONTHS ago. Just notice another thing - Quote from the ticket info page "2 months out from the event, the organisers will reveal which talks are included in each group" Unless the event has been moved back 7 weeks, this is wrong. This is the date we have all been working too, except SM it would seem. I call this false advertising!
  4. LexL

    Group Talks

    If you get a refund let me know. I'm a group 6 too. Well, we can live in hope. I'm sick and tired of the continual carry on we are having with this event. How to ruin it for everyone one Sm. Nice one!
  5. We are being ripped off. And i'll prove it. Commander package - Group 6 talks Will, TNG, Walter & George = £40 Commander package - Group 9 talks George, DS9, TOS & Bill = £55 I want a refund of £15 I chose group 6 blindly as we had no other choice because we were not allowed to see who was in the groups and now it turns out that Group 9's talks would cost £15 more than group 6 talks. I paid for the same package as somebody with Group 9 and yet I am getting less, this is not on, it is down right theft and I wasn't my refund of £15 to make up the difference. It is illegal to sell the same package to different people and 1 group gets more than another, especially when we were not allowed to pick our groups when the purchase was made. This is a complete shambles and has not been done properly or fairly.
  6. ... And don't appreciate being treated as one. Well, in 3 weeks time, the event will be over and that will be sad. But by then we will have known what was happening, we hope. We expect to still be waiting for announcements for talks and panels, even though they've passed. We were told (on this forum) that we would know things about the schedule etc between 8 weeks and 4 weeks BEFORE the event. That never happened. There is no need for the usual excuses, we just want to know what we have paid for. You know, such things as what talks we paid for all those months ago. And what Autographs we have been assigned. Are we going to have to wait until we pick up our registration packs to see what we've been assigned and what's going on? In fact, there has been a lack of communication for ages. 2 major guest announcements have happened and I and others have STILL have not been informed by email - you know, common courtesy and all that. Its not as if we have paid for it - oh wait a minute - WE HAVE!!
  7. Yes. This is the tweet confirming it. https://twitter.com/LoveOfSpock/status/776166896945147904
  8. Gates is coming to DSTE!!! She announced it on twitter yesterday! https://mobile.twitter.com/gate.../status/776128600806338560 Wonder when we are going to be told and how much her photos and autographs will be. Assuming the announcement has the correct prices this time!! Also, Adam and the team will also be at DSTE, also announced on twitter yesterday "No plans for a full screening, currently, but Adam & team will be at #DSTE with a panel and clips from the film! 🖖" Seems they will be holiday a panel about "For The Love of Spock" Nice to be told this officially isn't it!
  9. Well, its not that big a surprise. Now for Robbie Duncan McNeill to cancel as well!!! The refunds had better be quick in coming!
  10. Linda Park announced on her twitter feed 11 hours ago that she was cancelling DSTE because of a filming clash. When are we getting the full refund AND the £1 booking fee credited back into our accounts?