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  1. I assumed Geekchic was joking about Harrison Ford, hence the wink face? Oh well, it's hard to tell on the internet.
  2. Would like to just quickly say something that isn't about diamond passes, lol (I know I couldn't afford one anyway) - thanks for working on some improvements the venue and the ticket system etc. Obviously there's no way to know how it will go until the actual weekend, but I still feel re-assured that you guys are doing something about it.
  3. I already listed what guests I'd like in the guest suggestions bit so for some other stuff: - YALC! - seating areas, especially for disabled/less able folks - lots more signposts and/or a detailed map showing restaurants etc (forgive me if there was one in the programme, I never found where to get one, lol.)
  4. Seconding Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Gwendoline Christie. Meeting them would be a dream come true for me!
  5. I didn't know about the con when it was in Olympia so it will certainly be interesting to see the difference!
  6. For me, anyone from - Game of Thrones Buffy Angel Firefly Castle True Blood I think it would be brilliant if Natalie Dormer was able to attend since so many people wanted to see her. I'm sure she's mega busy, though! Also - writers. It would be amazing to get at least one big name like Neil Gaiman or George R.R Martin (though again I suspect GRRM would be way too busy). And I hope YALC will happen again even if it's a separate event!
  7. I hope the venue change is a sign that they will be trying to remedy what happened this year. I would really like to go again, just need to be re-assured that everything will be done to prevent the overcrowding issues! I might consider going on the Friday or Sunday since people say they're less nightmarish...
  8. Phew, that's so much stuff! Hope it is the case that she's got it all back.
  9. I wish I'd met more of the GoT cast. And would've loved to have met Juliet Landau. I thought it wasn't worth buying a ticket for Anthony Head because I got a great photo with him as a kid, but then realised afterwards I could have got my photo signed... d'oh!
  10. I have a reduced immune system but I have somehow managed to avoid it! Used a lot of hand gel, perhaps that's the solution...
  11. Agreed, everyone I spoke to was friendly. I love how at a comic con you can just get chatting to people so easily by saying "I like your costume/t-shirt/dress" etc - so many people with mutual interests!
  12. Having redone my fire warden training recently at work I can comment on this. Fire exits are supposed to be kept closed at all times EXCEPT in the event of a fire to allow emergency egress from the building. Sorry, I don't think I was very clear, I was referring to people saying the fire exits were chained up or blocked off. Not just closed. There were exits at the side opened to let people out at night, not sure if they were fire exits or not but it seemed silly to not use them throughout the day.
  13. The two people dressed as Jon Snow and Sansa Stark were amazing! They looked spot on, I actually did a double take when I saw them.
  14. That's a good idea. The only problem would be the queue jumpers. Anyone jumping the queue would not get scanned as the crew member with the scanner would have already been to that part of the queue making it easy to enter the event without paying. And what are we to do about the queue jumpers problem ? Everyone hates it, but nobody says a word. People walking past hundreds of attendees that have been queuing for hours to be with their mates. Those already in the line should not encourage mates to find them. We all see it. It's unfair and just NOT ON! Get to the end of the queue like everyone else. How can this be enforced ? Well in festivals they have this and it usually works by you get a wristband when your ticket is scanned, then you just have to show your wristband to get in. The only problem with that is that it can be difficult for people to wear a wristband if they have a costume on, and equally some people might abuse it by saying "my wristband is under my costume".
  15. Positives: - Variety of guests - High quality guests - SM Twitter - Too Tall's FAQ - Crew - Variety of stalls - YALC! The talks, signings and stalls were all great. - The book zone in general - VTs (I only got one but it worked out very well as I came back around 4pm and got my autograph within minutes). Negatives: - Overcrowding - Lack of information for queue - Sound quality of talks - Crew lack of knowledge/miss-communication (eg we were told to queue in the wrong place then asked to move) - Lack of organisation/signage - GoT surprise guest - Claustrophobic layout - Lack of seating - Women's toilets shut causing massive queue - Difficult to get food or water - Photoshoots only lasting a few seconds (guess this inevitable with big guests so not too worried about it.) Edit: forgot to say, thank you for putting this thread together!
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