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    I love Tudors & Vikings so a great guest. Vikings is obviously not as big as GOT so wonder if we could have more Vikings guests at the Spring Con & a group shoot? Torvi (Georgia Hirst) would be an obvious one if Floki is busy building boats!
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    Guest Suggestions

    Realistically, I'm not sure there's much point asking for some of the people who appeared this year again, & that's coming from someone who would quite happily bring more stuff to be signed by Natalie Dormer if she appeared again. I've never had any interest in meeting or having signed pics on my wall from some of the younger GOT cast members, but given how season 7 has turned out, I'd love if SM got the Lady of Winterfell, Sophie Turner, along with Aiden Gillen. Away from GOT, I'd love some of the main Vikings cast members, and same for Spartacus.
  3. Ok, to give some feedback on my experience after asking a question previously.... I came solely to get stuff signed by Natalie. I didn't want a photoshoot because I didn't want my ugly mug spoiling it. I arrived at around 8am to discover a huge queue already. Just before 9am I was pretty much decided I was too old for this sort of thing now & wouldn't come to a big con again. When we were let in, I headed for the vq tickets. Couldn't find Natalie's queue initially but eventually got there & was given 331 IIRC. So, I could relax for a bit, spend money on more GOT funkos that I don't have room for, & pop back in a few hours & see where she was upto. So I popped back at lunchtime & she hadn't appeared to have done past 50 according to the board. So calculating how long it would take to sign all the people before me, I asked the guy if there was any point & he said I could try around 4-5pm as it was a possibility. It was too late to pay stupid money for a diamond ticket just to get an auto at this point, so I left the place for a while. I decided to head home around 3:30 as there was no way I'd get anything signed, but thought I'd just pop back & double check given I'd spent the whole day there already, & yet the board was showing up to 400! I think I actually just beat a tea cutoff by a few minutes, & of course having not expected to get anything signed, I made a complete pigs ear of it, giving her the wrong poster initially, after the poor lady somehow managed to perfectly sign the head of my Queen Margaery funko. Poor Conleith had to help hold down the poster for her to sign anyway, so I apologise to the people behind me for taking so damn long. Definitely think next year we should ideally have a separate DormerCon, but failing that, can you get her back again so I can get another poster signed as I decided more than 3 autos from her was just insanity,though as I walked away,I wish I'd added just 1 more So, after all that, I went away buzzing, & I still am. So thank you for getting her, & shows a bit of perseverance can pay off.
  4. I've bought an entry ticket purely to get a number of items signed by Natalie Dormer (my bank manager won't be happy). I can't stay beyond 16:00 so can't do the GOT talk sadly. Am I right that actually with the 2 photo shoots, my chances are fairly slim or should I be fine as long as I'm happy to get in a queue & stay there! I really don't want a photo shoot instead as without the Iron Throne, I don't particularly want a cheesy pic of me spoiling it & I don't feel entirely comfortable asking her to pose in either Queen manner without prop or relevant wardrobe - did that once before with another GOT guest & doesn't look entirely right in normal clothes!! the diamond pass would seem to be the only way to guarantee an auto, but that would mean for me, £75 down the drain just to guarantee getting the stuff autographed as I wouldn't do the talk or shoot? this isn't meant as a negative grumpy post at all, just getting my head round it as only done autos at a much smaller event before (I had Natalie shoot at LFCC before when she had to pull out) thank you
  5. I don't entirely agree with you though - no one is suffering, because no one 'needs' to buy a ticket. We're not talking medicine to cure some disease here, we're talking about a relatively cheap ticket to an event that's been on sale for months. I paid double the value last year for a photo shoot because I hadn't been before & saw it too late to go through the normal channels & I was prepared to pay over the odds. However I do think with it selling out now & only likely to get bigger, a sell back scheme would be helpful
  6. A while ago I had a spare ticket for a gig that was sold out, which I sold to someone who I was able to meet in the queue & went in with them, for face price + fees. I can't make the Saturday LFCC event & the problem with some of these requests on Twitter & elsewhere begging for s spare ticket, is how can I be sure they are genuine & not going to sell them on again on eBay for a quick profit? Answer is I can't be sure, & I guess until Showmasters offer in house reselling on like many festivals, that eBay is I guess the one way that is likely to ensure its not a profiteer bearing in mind the event didn't sell out last year so can't imagine too many people gambled on buying tickets expecting to sell on for a profit
  7. I think you need to somehow differentiate between people who bought a ticket & now can’t go, & someone buying a number of tickets solely to sell on. Last year I bought a photoshoot at double the price from a similar site to ebay along with a standard day ticket direct from Showmasters. This year I bought a ticket for all 3 days well in advance, but knowing I’d be unlikely to want to or be able to go on all 3 days. It hadn’t dawned on me back then that it might sell out, I just wanted to make sure I could get auto’s/shoots that I wanted & accepted I'd lose out financially if I missed a day. I had a look at my tickets the other night with the thought of selling one that I don’t need, but with a list price of around £15 I decided it wasn’t worth bothering, though of course it hadn’t dawned on me then that with it selling out, that people would be that desperate & would pay well over the odds for just an entrance ticket (though bearing in mind I paid double for a shoot, I guess I should have realised!). A few rock festivals have the buy back facility so people can go on a reserve list so maybe this is something that could be brought in next year so that people like me this year could sell back a ticket they don't require & that people like me last year could buy one without someone else profiting massively.
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    Anticipated number of guests

    Did someone mention Natalie Dormer?
  9. Look, if it's Natalie Dormer on the Iron Throne then I'll die of a heart attack. But I can wait a few minutes or hours more to die or wait til tomorrow to book things
  10. Yeah but if you promise an announcement at a particular time then either make it or put up an explanation why it's delayed or not going to happen etc.
  11. Jeez people the event isn't until July! Chill a little bit!
  12. Agree with that. Mentioned on another thread that with the Iron Throne there, it's such a shame it can't be incorporated into shoots. I know it brings in money on its own but I'd happily pay more for a proper shoot with it as not too bothered otherwise
  13. Now I would spend a fortune on that photo!!
  14. Right Showmasters, that's the ladies happy,& I may just sneakily get a GOT pic autographed, but where's Natalie?
  15. Hi, does anyone here have any experience of sending in pics to be autographed? I’m interested in having a couple of pictures autographed by a couple of the guests but not so keen to spend 7 hours in the car plus petrol & toll costs & not desperate for a photo shoot as I'd only spoil the picture! So the option to send in a pic to be signed looks perfect. Showmasters website makes it look pretty straightforward too – anyone tried it? Thanks