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  1. I had tickets to Natalie and Pedro too so I was really sad when they cancelled, they were the main guests with Stan and Lena that I wanted to meet! But yeah SM did great job with finding amazing stars and after all I'm so happy with the guests I met (and still cant believe)! Me too! I'm so excited for next year!
  2. I had that same problem with few guests, but next time they're in some event, they'll be the first ones I'm going to get auto from! Also Finn Jones was very lovely and nice, met him 3 times. Two times to get auto and then one time I just went to talk to him
  3. Everybodys saying that T.J. Thyne was the best so now I'm even more sad that didnt met him well next time then! Oh yeah and Anthony Head!! I was actually thinking of meeting him but there were so many people so decided not to
  4. I'm sorry if there already is a topic of this, I just got home yesterday and there were over 200 new topics and I tried to look for something like this but couldn't find. there were other topics where few people mentioned that who they wanted to meet but didn't but that's it So any guests you would have wanted to meet? For me this was my first LFCC and also because I didn't have so much money to spend I decided to only get photos and autographs from few guests, but now I kind of wish I would have gone to meet T.J. Thyne because I really like him and everybody are telling how nice and amaz
  5. THIS IS AMAZING thank you just one question: will any of the included photos to sign that are available in the normal signing be available at this extra signing? Because I promised to get Stans signature for my friend but she didnt gave me any picture/item with me so just want to know that do I have to get her signature later!
  6. Busiest guests have VTs and it's not limited but after a certain amount you may not get seen due to popularity. Okay, good thing to know! Thank you
  7. Do you take VT for every quest or are they just for the busiest? And is there some limit how many VT's there are for one guest?
  8. Haha I thought so but all I could find was the ones where said that those are big etc Thank you so much! and thats a lot of seats wow amazing, Im really excited now!
  9. Hi! Sorry if there already is conversation about this, I just didnt see any So I want to ask does anybody have some idea how many seats there are in the Super and Main stages? I've seen few times that people have said that those are big enough and there are lot of seats but that doesnt really tell me much, I dont have to know the exat number of seats but something like are they closer to 1000, 3000, 5000? This is my first time in LFCC so I just want to have some kind of idea how huge this is going to be !
  10. Yay this sounds so amazing! Definitely want to meet people if I have the time!! Sended the request for the network yesterday
  11. oh god im reallyREALLY jealous now lucky you! Do these numbers = to where you sit? :) I ordered my tickets within an hour or two of them going on sale Where do we think the talk will be held? me and my friend have numbers 1262 & 1263 We couldnt order our tickets until we were sure that we can come (we live in Finland) and then we had to wait our pay days so just really happy is not higher!
  12. Oh no I was really excited to meet her!! But hopefully she can come to another event it the future!
  13. oh god im reallyREALLY jealous now lucky you!
  14. Yay finally got the other batch Friday Stan Lee 3rd photoshoot - 769, 770 Saturday Game of Thrones Talk - 238, 239 Game of Thrones Screening - 579, 580 Sunday Pedro Pascal (me) - 107
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