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  1. Just because a trailerfest may not be a big thing doesn't mean you are free to treat it and the people attending like crap. I was also in attendance and found it incredible that they would show three trailers again and again for a full hour. Even as a way to fill time, that is idiotic. You have Youtube at your disposal... all you need to do is spend like 15 minutes beforehand to gather an hour worth of trailers. The fact that it was actually advertised as a big thing is even more stupid.
  2. So me and some friends coming to the Comic Con would like to go somewhere on Sunday evening after the con is over to watch the World Cup Final. Any tips on where to go? Is everything booked already? Are there places in London where you can watch it outside on a big screen? (provided the weather will allow for it).
  3. Bucharest, Romania. :) I've been to another convention in Germany a couple of times and every time I told people where I was from they replied something like: "And you came all the way here for this!?". I'm curious if that will happen this time. :)
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