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  1. So glas to see him (again) !! He is a lovely man !
  2. Would be nice to see Alfie Allen :)
  3. Des français pour la LFCC ??
  4. Colin Cunningham :) with a double photoshoot with Noah :) that would be great :)
  5. I am sure Showmasters will need a French speaking Translator for all the French speaking visitors who have planned to attend the Convention !!! :)
  6. Yeah, I watch that TV show (not so popular here in France) I have only met Colin Cunningham (John Pope) and I am still in touch with him. Have you heard the news ? Fifth and final season to be shot starting September!
  7. It seems that it should be pronounced "Sir-sha" (it means Freedom in Ireland, I think ) Umberto Orsini (italian actor, he played in "La Dolce Vita" from Fellini )
  8. Saoirse Ronan and Fran Drescher please .
  9. It would be PERFECT if Shemar Moore could be invited to LFCC (Dereck Morgan - Criminal Mind)
  10. sorry, but what is a "silent auction" ? I understand both words, but put together it makes no sense for me (sorry I am not an English native Speaker , that's why)
  11. Si tu as d'autres questions, n'hésites pas
  12. I have read somewhere (can't remember which thread sorry) that the tickets are dedicated to one day and can't be used on another day. Moderators and SM team will answer your question I am sure This year will be a very busy event !
  13. Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) can't be in two places at the same moment. I assume the guest isn't Kit sorry
  14. je sais pas si on peux mettre les liens ici ... : scifi-events.eklablog.com
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