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  1. First time back on the forum in a while... Hi again everyone! More Game of Thrones guests please, Showmasters! In the past Daniel Portman, Charlotte Hope, Julian Glover, Kristian Nairn, Finn Jones and Burn Gorman have all been delights to meet at the Glasgow show, and I would happily meet them again. I'd love to see anyone Game of Thrones really, especially someone who hasn't been to Glasgow before - and of course, Natalie Dormer is the dream! However unlikely, I'm going to keep posting it...
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    Last Post Wins?

  3. Ok, here's one for the unsullied: Name the Game of Thrones House: They have a silver eagle on a purple background for their arms. Their words are 'Above the Rest.' Prominent members include Jason and Patrek. Their seat is Seaguard. They were Tully bannermen until the Red Wedding.
  4. Would that happen to be Alien Life Form (ALF)? Gordon was also known as ALF. The family name was Tanner, I believe. Are these correct? So far. So good. Only missing the surname of Gordon. Shumway?
  5. Would that happen to be Alien Life Form (ALF)? Gordon was also known as ALF. The family name was Tanner, I believe. Are these correct?
  6. Correct! Now you ask the next question. I guess they are, but that's just the nature of the game I guess.
  7. Robb Van Dam - I'm pretty sure he isn't signed with WWE any more, so he might be available.
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    Episode IV: A new Hope (for me winning the game)
  9. Don't get me wrong, I loved seeing Hacksaw and Ted DiBiase announced, I'd just like to see more like them is all :)
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    Last Post Wins?

    Episode II: Attack of the Jakers
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    Last Post Wins?

    *Casually and stealthily overtakes*
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    Last Post Wins?

    I think not, How is a two legged Human able to Beat a Four Legged Camel? See I'm already in front of you and Winning I've gone skating past you .................................... I am winning Camel sticks out his Hoof and Iceman71 goes flying in the Air.. Hehehe Never upset the Camel With Iceman71 down for the count.. Means I'm Winning again... Sorry, nope!
  13. Been around for about a year on this forum but only just found this thread... I'm jakers (Jack to my friends), and I'm a nerdoholic. I started going to cons in 2014 when I went to LFCC, and have been addicted ever since! I've spent way too much money on these events already... My main goal is to meet every major Game of Thrones actor and actress, so keep them coming, SM!
  14. I'd love to see some WWE alums at SM shows (Especially Glasgow ) Legends like Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker etc. Attitude Era guys - Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H, Mick Foley, Kane, The Hardys, The Dudley boys, Edge, Christian and all those guys. Ruthless Aggression era superstars like Randy Orton, Batista, Kurt Angle and more like them. Divas because Basically anyone at all associated with WWE. It would be nice to see a nice spread instead of just booking them all for LFCC. Thanks, jakers.
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    Quiz Game

    Here's how it works: One person asks a question, and it has to be related to Film and/or television and/or comics and/or general nerd stuff. People then respond with their answers. Once the asker of the question verifies that the answer is right, the person who gave the correct answer can ask a new question. Most correct answers wins, I guess! I'll start: The actor Robert Englund is most famous for playing which horror icon? Happy Quizzing!
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    Last Post Wins?

    I'm afraid not... jakers joins the race!
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