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  1. im really excited about meeting Jett. its another star wars sig my father in law can add to his star wars poster he has
  2. tom hanks???? thinking is he was ment to be the small boy who traded places with an adult in the film big.
  3. i would love to meet Marc singer. V is still one of my fav shows
  4. 1st time cosplaying and im planning on going as mario. My father in law has spent £100's getting all he needs for his costume he is making a tuscan raider outfit from scratch. i cant wait
  5. here are some of mine enjoy http://www.flickr.com/photos/98517031@N07/
  6. it was really easy to find the end of the que. was really long when we arrived at 8.30 but we got in sooo fast i was really shocked. the ques for autographs were long depending on who u wanted to see but the way its done u get a ticket from the end of the que and comeback 20-30mins later. my fav guest was Ray Park who took time to have a chat with my kids and even gave them free stuff. Another gr8 guest was Charles Martinet who recorded my answerphone message for me. The cosplayers really took my breath away. They were soooo good and remember if u ask for a pic they are more then happy to pose. iv got some real good photos
  7. that sounds like a real good idea. hope u get the go ahead
  8. really hope they get more rotj guests. i like who they have already but a few more would make my day
  9. what about gerard way, i would love to meet him and chat about his art work and music
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