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About Me

Vigilante, philosopher,traveller, pro Lego builder and collector of stuff and things.


The walking dead. Game of thrones.LOTR. Star wars....


DC Marvel Image Vertigo IDW pretty much anything by Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Mark Millar and Garth Ennis!


Who I've met.

David Hasselhoff, Stan Lee, Carrie Fisher, Ian Mcdiarmid, Milo Ventimiglia,Michael Madsen,Lena Heady, Robert Englund,Robert Knepper, Ian Glen, Mark Addy, James Cosmo Ian McElhinney, Ellie Kendricks, Aimie Richardson Warwick Davis, Gary Kurtz,Garrick Haggon, Billy-Dee Williams, Natasha Henstridge, Billie Piper, Miltos Yorelemou,Dave Prowse,Kenny Baker,Jeremy Bulloch,Rusty Goffe Julian Glover, Michael Carter, Sam Jones, Brian Blessed, John Simpkin, John Bernthal, Paul Blake, John Challis

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