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  1. Guest Suggestions

    I love to have interesting directors come and visit like the late Tobe Hooper last year, so on that note I believe director John Landis ("An American Werewolf in London", "Thriller") would be an awesome add to the convention.
  2. Guest Suggestions

    I think we can all agree that Elisabeth Shue, being the 80s icon she is, definitely needs to happen. I´d also love to see Joseph Morgan (The Originals & The Vampire Diaries).
  3. 2018 Anniversaries

    V the original mini-series (1983) turns 35 on 2018! I say we bring Jane Badler, Marc Singer or Faye Grant to LFCC 2018 and celebrate!
  4. 2018 Anniversaries

    One Tree Hill (2003) turns 15 next year! Would be nice to see Chad Michael Murray or James Lafferty drop by.
  5. Guest Suggestions

    A few more: Kristen Bell, cause she´s lovely and it would be amazeballs to have the one & only Veronica Mars. Gillian Anderson, with the return of the new season of "The X Files" next year we need to get Scully back at LFCC. Laura Leighton (Melrose Place & Pretty Little Liars). Andrew Lincoln, it´s about time we get Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead at LFCC.
  6. 2018 Anniversaries

    2018 marks Sex and the City 20th anniversary! To have any of the ladies would be amazing, even if its not Sarah Jessica Parker (let´s be realistic). Maybe Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall or Cynthia Nixon.
  7. Guest Suggestions

    Absolutely! Let´s get some of these big names, specially Heather Locklear. Aaron Spelling was a TV wizard so what better way of paying homage to some of his shows than to get his "good luck charm".
  8. Guest Suggestions

    Nicholas Brendon from Buffy, cause he´s simply awesome and said on Twitter this year that he would come next year if he was invited by Showmasters. Luke Perry from 90210 and Riverdale cause he would attract both older and newer fans. Henry Thomas from E.T. the Extraterrestrial.
  9. Guest Suggestions

    AMEN to this! We need Sarah Michelle Gellar at this event. Just imagine the number of fans who would pay to meet her. It would be nuts!
  10. Guest Suggestions

    "Sister Act" just turned 25 so it would be great to have Whoopi Goldberg! She has visited London before so it would be a great excuse to meet her! Linda Hamilton could be a great addition, specially now after "Terminator 2" has been re-released in 3D. Teri Hatcher would be a nice follow-up to Dean Cain´s visit too.
  11. Guest Suggestions

    With the recent success of the new "IT" movie, how about we get the original Pennywise a.k.a. Tim Curry? Seems like he´s doing much better and attending conventions now. Also Sophia Lillis from the current "IT" and bring back Millie Brown from "Stranger Things".
  12. Guest Suggestions

    Ok so with Alyson Hannigan´s amazing visit this year, the only way Showmasters could top that is to finally score Sarah Michelle Gellar and make all Buffy fans in Europe happy. That would be huge!! Tobey Maguire would be an awesome add too, specially seeing that he´s not doing many movies recently so he might be open to doing conventions now. On the horror genre side it would be awesome to have Linda Blair (it was so sad that she cancelled last time) and Heather Langenkamp as she´s the original Freddy Krueger nemesis. We definitely need to get Heather Locklear as she´s TV royalty, Melrose Place turned 25 this year and she´s a more than adequate follow-up to Pamela Anderson´s visit to LFCC.
  13. 2018 Anniversaries

    We definitely need to see at least one of the "Charmed" women next year for the big anniversary. Also "Dawson´s Creek" will turn 20 next year so it is time for LFCC to bring some familiar faces from Capeside like Joshua Jackson, James Van Der Beek, Kerr Smith or Meredith Monroe. Winona Ryder for Beetlejuice´s anniversary and because she´s also on "Stranger Things" pretty please. Definitely Brad Dourif because who wouldn´t want to meet Chucky on his birthday?
  14. Alyson Hannigan Appriciation Thread.

    I couldn´t agree more with all of you guys. For someone so hugely popular, Alyson was as humble and adorable as the girl next door. She kept her positive attitude during the photoshoots and was eager to hug and greet all of her fans. I would have never thought that i´d ever have the possibility of meeting her and now that i have, i must say she exceeded all my expectations. She even asked the photographer to take another pic cause she was talking to me and not looking at the camera. What a sweetheart! Definitely a hightlight at this year´s LFCC.
  15. Guest Cancellation - Doug Jones

    Oh no! Was looking forward to meeting one of the Gentlemen from Buffy. What a pity.