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  1. I got there early, because traffic was lighter than i was expecting, so about 8:20, and I was about 10th in the queue. The guy in front of me arrived around 8, there was nobody there at all, so he went to McDonalds and came back. So I don't think people were there much before 8.
  2. Enjoyed my day today. Bumped into Twisty the Clown from American Horror Story. Have to say you totally nailed it..awesome..well done fella..one scary clown. Quieter than the previous Winter Collectormania for me, but I enjoyed the more leisurely pace, had a good look at the stalls for once which meant I spent more cash...oops, and got all the autos i needed. Amanda Tapping & Stephen Marcus were particularly a pleasure to talk to, had a good chat about Lock Stock, he does walking tours of the filming locations in the East End, who knew? Will be booking onto that.
  3. Will a pre-order for Carice be going up as there is nothing on there for her?
  4. Totally agree. OK its the same model maybe to the one in the film, but if you can't tell what film its from by looking at the photo your in, what's the point...just looked dull and pointless without a relevant backdrop
  5. I agree, in hindsight it would have been better to bring photos with me, which I will going forward. However, I dont expect to see photos from only 1 show when they have been in many shows, and no photos from any of the the last 3 projects they have been in. Plus if they are offering photos they should surely be a minimum standard of quality. I have been to loads of these shows over the last 8 years, and never had much of a problem before. OK there might be the odd show not covered or the odd photo blurred etc, but nowhere near to the level this weekend, and not when your going around at 10:00 - 11:am on the first day so there is no chance anything has sold out.
  6. Anyone else notice that the variety and quality of the 10x8 photos you can choose from when you pay for an autograph seemed to be much poorer than usual with some guests today. Katee Sackhoff, whose most recent work is Longmire and Riddick, no photos of either, no 24. Only BSG, which is the main reason for her being popular but to have none of the others at all!. Was going to get a Longmire one. To make it worse the usual stalls selling unsigned 10x8 weren't at the show, so couldnt get the autograph i wanted, didn't spend the £25 on Katee. Disappointing. With Alan Ruck, all the Ferris Buller photos were really poor shots, out of focus not sharp. C Thomas Howell, nothing from Grimm. People I talked to were mentioning similar things about other guests. I went round early on, so they hadn't sold out. Never had such a problem at previous shows. If I had known it would be so poor and there would be no sellers there I would have bought some before the show. Overall the show was much more manageable today and pleasant to wander around.
  7. This is quite late in the day now compared to their other events, wonder what the problem is. Usually its not later than the weekend before isn't it? Like you all, really need to sort my timings out, other people are waiting on me to know when I can finish on the Saturday.
  8. Anyone had any info on the Peter Mayhew refund, haven't had it back as yet
  9. Wonder why its been deleted, are they still available? Also where will the comic organisers booth be, in the comic hall or with the main organisers booth?
  10. Anyone know where the link and photos are for the two limited stan lee comic prints, which Showmasters announced. I cant find the post anywhere now, has it been deleted?
  11. Is the comic organisers booth the same as the organisers booth, so in EC2, or is location in EC1 with Stan Lee. Just so I know where the limited edition stan lee prints are. Thanks.
  12. Chuck guests would be good to join Linda. Zach or Yvonne would be awesome!
  13. I loved Chuck, any guest would be great, but Zach and or Yvonne would be brilliant.
  14. I agree, more the better. I would prefer to know ahead of time rather than just two weeks before so can plan and save etc.
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