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  1. I might have to attend this, this would be so awesome, Hope Amy Jo Johnson and David Jason Frank will be amongst the guests attending
  2. Excellent news, hoping the rest of the Red Dwarf cast can come too
  3. I am considering doing cosplay for the first time this year
  4. although I dont look really good in photos, last year I looked terrible due to a neck injury, I do prefer photos over autographs however I do like autographs too if it just means having a moment or two to ask some questions to the star about there career
  5. Wrestlers: Hulk Hogan Undertaker Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Bret Hart Shawn Michaels Ric Flair Mick Foley Kelly Kelly Alundra Blayze Lita Sable Power Rangers David Yost Austin St John Amy Jo Johnson Jason David Frank Steve Carreras Walter Jones Catharine Sutherland Paul Schrier Jason Narvy Doctor Who Tom Baker Peter Davison Colin Baker Sylvester McCoy Paul McGann John Hurt David Tennant Matt Smith Peter Capaldi Terry Molloy William Russell Jenna Louise Coleman Nicola Bryant Mathew Waterhouse Big Bang Theory Cast Johnny Galecki Jim Parsons Kaley Cuoco Simon Helberg Kunal Nayyar Melissa Rauch Mayim Bialik Aarti Mann John Ross Bowie Kevin Sussman Jon Cryer Ash Kutcher Charlie Sheen Just a few I can think of right now
  6. I regret not having enough money last year to see all the classic Doctors and Brian Blessed at last years CMK
  7. I hope you have a good time, I am hoping to be making the trip too in Nov
  8. it was my 2nd time going, my 1st time last year was amazing, I am glad to hear you and your son had an amazing time
  9. she did look quite exhausted (though not surprised with all the photoshoots and autographs) by the time myself and my friends saw her she looked very tired but she did seem to enjoy herself, I think she may of been overwhelmed by the amount of people wanting to see her, Billie looked the same by 4.00 on the Sunday, I hope it doesnt put them off for a return in the future
  10. my friend took quite a few photos of the Planet Of The Apes group, I wanted to but my phone kept being too slow sadly, maybe next time
  11. Robert Llewyn, and Craig Charles were great to talk to we debated weather Rimmer should have a new word for when ever something was wrong I suggested Smegdiddlydoodles, it went down a treat, I also had a mini sing song with Bernard which was nice, all the wrestlers and divas were amazing to meet, it was great talking to Nabil Shaban and Richard Franklin aswell as Anjli Mohindra, they all made myself and my friends feel very happy and welcome to be there
  12. unfortunately I missed him this time round, every time I had gone to meet him he wasnt around, but I heard so many good things about him, I hope he and many other superstars from WWF/WWE/WCW/ECW or TNA come again it would be really acetastic
  13. It was an amazing time, I really hope I get to return later this year if not then I definately will be returning next year, so many of the guests were very pleasant and willing to spare the time to talk even if it was for a few moments (even with a huge que), it was sometimes quite hectic in some areas but overall everyone was nice and willing to help one another out. I look forward to my return to CMK in the future.....Well done to all the team and guest stars
  14. an acetastic job Stuart, thank you for everything
  15. Thank you very much for an outstanding weekend, I had such a brilliant time seeing all the guests, so many pleasant people there, made the atmosphere very special indeed, I look forward to the next event
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