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  1. There was a group from Israel in one of the Sunday (I think) stage B talks who asked a question.
  2. I actually liked the blood wine. Does anyone know the recipe? In a different thread someone said it was cranberry and red Aftershock but I thought it had a chilli kick. Any ideas, anyone? Thanks
  3. Could be! You were being honest about waiting times, which I really appreciated, and you kept everyone smiling. I'm amazed so many of you were kind enough to help out for free. Glad you got a signed photo out of it. You volunteers each deserve a medal :-D
  4. TNG next year sounds like a go-er. Make it so, Showmasters!
  5. No, it wasn't me with a dog and I got mine on Friday so maybe my sightings of the signed Locutus bust wasn't that unusual after all! Glad he signed it nicely for you :-)
  6. I'd like to know too. I started a similar thread earlier this week but got no replies. :'-( I was in the last or second last row, towards the back.
  7. Agreed. The tall lad at Photo A and B and I think he was also on Scott Bakula's auto line was particularly helpful. Everyone was pleasant and helpful. I had no idea they were volunteers. Thanks very much for giving up your time so we could enjoy ourselves. :-D
  8. I took a photo of one photo so I have it in a frame widget on my phone so I can see it often. I think I'll put the actuals in frames. I haven't seen the easel things you mentionedso I might look into those. Longer term plan is to have a wall of shelves/cubes with mine and my husband's various photos and figurines on display. I got the Shatner autograph for my Mam so I'll probably frame it as a present. He was nicer than I expected.
  9. This might be a daft idea from a con noob but could you set up an area, eg that looks like a generic planet, where costumed guests could act out scenes themselves while visitors watch them (for free)? People could take it in turns and that would provide free entertainment (apart from the rental cost of the space)
  10. Ah, I thought it was right on the top (where there was a bit of space :-° )! He he. That was brilliant. How did I forget about the bottom signing!?
  11. Scott Bakula was the best for me. I got an autograph within minutes of the show opening on Friday, another on Saturday and a photo on Sunday. He was just as warm and friendly each time, as if he hadn't been shaking hands and saying 'hello' to strangers for 3 days solid. Good on him. Anthony and Connor were great too. They both seemed to be their true selves when I talked to them.
  12. I was right behind a lad who asked Patrick Stewart to sign right on the top of the head of a Locutus bust, I think with the words "make it so". Sir Patrick seemed bemused but obliged, which made me wonder what other weird things you saw being signed.
  13. Anthony shaking my hand, telling me off for not doing it right, then showing me how to shake hands properly! Oops! He he - I was at the talk where they pointed out your husband. Good on him for standing up and having a bit of banter.
  14. The presenter just wanted an excuse to have a go on a transporter. Shame he rematerialised :-)
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