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  1. Overall, I loved the convention, but as with all things, in hindsight, there are many things which could have been improved upon. I will list my thoughts below. 1. MORE SPACE. Friday and Sunday weren't bad, but you could not move on Saturday. The congestion and tight quarters made it very difficult to get around and it took a lot longer to do anything meaning that I was unable to get all the things in that I wanted to. This was also due to the fact that the timetable for several of the photo sessions changed that day creating conflicts that were not there before. 2. A clock somewhere in the hall would have been nice. 3. There should have been scrolling LED signs above all the booths so that they would be visible above the crowds with messages as to who was currently in a photo session, what numbers they were up to, and what changes were being made. especially the changes. 4. The noise from some of the booths and smaller talks was always bleeding into the main stage and vice-verse, making it difficult to hear whichever talk you might be at. Even the captains were complaining about this. Patrick Stewart was asked what one of his most difficult acting challenges was, and his reply was talking over the noise on that very stage from the rest of the convention. 5. Dressing the hall up better would have been nice. There was very little in the way of decorations in the hall. Large posters in the blank wall area above the booths, projections of shows, an enterprise or two hanging from the ceiling would have added to the event. 6. I found the stages to be adequate because of the large screens used, but stage C (the open air stage) was badly laid out. I went to a couple different talks there and it was VERY hard to hear. Some of the presenters had to stop for long periods of time while the background noise subsided. It needed to be enclosed as the others were, and still the noise level bleeding over would have been very high. 7. Goody bag was a bit weak. Mostly advertizing. I liked the bag itself however and the Ethan Phillips photo.
  2. Even though some of the organization of the event could have been better, and the organizers could have been more prepared for the crowds they got, I thought that the volunteers that were there doing the hard work, and trying to keep things organized and running smoothly even in impossible circumstances with the crowds on Saturday did their level best to keep us all happy and make sure we got to do everything we came to do. I found them all to be helpful, polite and truly concerned that we got what we came there to get. It was a hard job, and in my opinion, they did the best anyone could hope for with what they were given to work with. I did enjoy the event immensely, and thought it was worth the trip even from the US, but of course, there were things that could have been done better, but that's a different thread It must be a nightmare to work an event with that many people!
  3. Looking at this information: http://www.startreklondon.com/timetables It is very helpful, but unless it says when a guest will be signing autographs, you really can't tell how many conflicts you are going to have. Did I miss something or is there a place where it is listed at what times which guests are making themselves available for autographs?
  4. I hadn't tried that. I was trying to keep it simple. I will start a new order.
  5. I already have 2 gold passes and a variety of photo shoot tickets. I want to purchase an additional standard 3 day pass (Listed on the website for 49 pounds) but when I enter my reference number, the ONLY options I get on the website for tickets to purchase are: OPENING CEREMONY Friday 19 October 2012 ORDER TALK AND PARTY TICKETS 19th - 21st october ORDER PHOTO SHOOT TICKETS 19th - 21st october ORDER No general admission tickets of any kind are listed. What's going on there?
  6. If a person has no ticket at all to the event, but will be in the neighborhood, and wants to attend the Saturday night party, what do they have to purchase? Is it just the party ticket for £25? Or do they also have to purchase a day pass for the convention and then the party ticket?
  7. Resolved. After the phone call SEE tickets did their magic and changed the date on the photo shoot for me with no fuss and no problems. If you have to do this, I highly recommend calling instead of email.
  8. Just managed to get someone by phone. They said they would put a note on my account and have the customer support people look at it. I was told that the switch would be made as long as it didn't cause a problem somehow. We'll see what happens over the next few days.
  9. I don't know if you will look out of place, but I do know you will be very popular.
  10. Try looking up hostels and bed and breakfasts. I got a room here: http://www.hopfanbedandbreakfast.com/index.htm It's not right next door but only 3 or 4 miles from ExCel. A short bus ride. Just checked today and they still have rooms available. Plus you know there will be at least one other trekkie staying there.
  11. I sent SEE Tickets an email, since I am in the US, and it's not easy to call them. I hope they respond. Thank you!
  12. I have 2 photo sessions booked for Brent Spiner for Friday that I want to move to Saturday (Assuming that they are not sold out then). Can I do that? If so, how? Thanks, Bob
  13. No problem. I do have something else, just trying to get closer.
  14. @ Scrappydave I am possibly interested in the room share. I have a room booked, but it is much further away, and is in someones house so I have to share the bathroom with all other guests. I would be paying about 30 pounds a night to stay there. I would prefer to be much closer. Is this room still available and what nights are you booked? How much would be my share? Bob
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