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  1. Things happen, People change their mind, there is still hope for 2017.
  2. For me London is nearer, but i would prefer it to be Held in the NEC, Birmingham again. Much cheaper than London and calmer.
  3. I know its a bit early, seeing as the event ended yesterday lol. Will they consider running an event next year. There are not enough star trek convention in the Uk for such a big fan base. I for one will book a ticket, tempted to upgrade for the next package.
  4. You could leave the Q&A early if you're comfortable missing a bit of it, go to Alice's first, explain the situation, they'll bump you up in the queue and you should hopefully make Garrett's photoshoot. Hope that helps, Anya. :-) Seeing as Garret will be late for his own photoshoot, it's should be doable
  5. Who do i talk to about photo shoots clashes, i have booked both alice kridge and garret wang on sunday. but i also noticed that he is hosting a talk which over laps his photoshoot by 5 minutes. 14:30-14:40 ALICE KRIGE 14:30-14:45 GARRETT WANG 13:50-14:35 WALTER KOENIG * Host: Garrett Wang Walter Koenig A Q&A discussion Edit : that's my talk included in LT package too
  6. Alice Krige then Garrett Wang that's what I was thinking, I just hope the queues aren't too long and I miss one. They'll have to refund me as its their fault.
  7. I have two photo shoots on sunday both at the same time Garret Wang and Alice Krige
  8. I have booked both Garrett Wang and Alice bridge for Sunday photos, but both appear to be the same time, will this be a problem.
  9. I just booked dominic Keating and Connor Trineer for Friday. Garret Wang, Alice kridge and Robert ducan Mcneil for Sunday. looking into booking Walter Koenig and George Takei for Saturday.
  10. It's 2.30 for a single, £4.40 for a on peak day pass, still better value. Seeing a 2 of the days I will be traveling the bus at least 4 times.
  11. I just found this http://nxbus.co.uk/files/NXWestMids/misc/Faretables2016forweb.pdf It's the 900 I think, trying to make heads and tales of it. Looks like £1.90 or £4.40 for a day pass actually £2.30 I wish they put lines on this thing, I my have to print it out and use a highlighter lol
  12. I've decided to stay till Monday, so i'm not in a rush on Sunday to get the train at 6pm. more time to relax. I need to work out how much money I need to take with me, I've heard the buses are exact change only, so if anyone knows the cost please let us know .
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