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  1. Prices

    I got it to work, it was my computer that was the issue. Thank you
  2. Prices

    It says the website can not be reached
  3. Prices

    Hi does anyone have a list of the prices from the last event? I know they will be out of date but curious to have a look at who attended and for what price
  4. Cloak rooms

    I got sent all over, we never did find a cloakroom as 5 staff members sent us all over and the 6th one said they were all closed
  5. What do you do with you're photos?

    At the moment mine are all safely stored away. I am really into scrap booking so once I get a scanner I shall be printing off smaller sized ones and doing it into a little memory book
  6. Just noticed schedule updated and he has
  7. I am so worried he will take Bex's photoshoot on Friday, I don't think I can get in there that early!
  8. Answers to FAQ

    I am so used to gigs and festivals where even if they allow snacks you are banned from bringing in drinks. I done a few cons before but as I never brought anything in with me I never knew it was any different
  9. Guest suggestions.

    I am new to Star Trek cons so I would just settle for the entire cast of The Next Generation. In all seriousness Partick Stewart Brent Spiner Michael Dorn Wil Wheaton (he at another con you do but he not there on the day I am)
  10. Answers to FAQ

    Hi, done a search but I couldn't find owt. People are suggesting bringing your own snacks and drinks. What's the rules on this, especially drinks?
  11. If it is what people are saying about them talking over an episode that doesn't sound very interesting. I assume it will be something a bit more
  12. If Benedict Cucumber snatch does another day and it is Sunday I will cry into my Friday day ticket
  13. Great guest at a great price! Very happy with this
  14. Big Guest Announcement- Friday 7pm

    If this is another big guest that only does Sat and Sun I will cry! At least I will be able to afford to eat